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AL Titanic Lifeboat kit


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I have purchased this model without reading any reviews or build logs, this is the first time I have done this and to be honest having read some incomplete build logs and reviews I am wondering if the purchase was a wise one.

This is not the first boat I have built but will be the first 'clinker' hull construction and I have read that this is the part that makes the boat so difficult and has left many a kit unfinished, does anyone have any simple hints to making this type of kit I really don't want this kit to be a waste of money or be a first unfinished model.

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I remember that we had a build log or two but after searching, it must have been on MSW 1.0 (before the massive crash).   As I recall, the kit makes a nice model.  I'd look through the Longboat group builds for ideas and also search the Kit Build Logs with the keyword "small" as some of those are clinker planked.


If you do decide to build it, open a build log as it will be the best way to help and encouragement. And you'll help the next person who builds it.

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Hi Aracnan, I just finished this model yesterday. It was my first build so I'm no expert but I'm really happy with how it turned out and i'll help if I can.


For the planking I used a file to taper each end of each plank over about 50mm and down to about 0.5mm at the end. I found it helped to bend the planks into shape and gave a good finish where the planks ran into the false keel (I think that's what it's called). I didn't have any kind of plank bender and I didn't soak the main planks, just filed them and then held them in place using clothes pegs until the glue dried. With the top plank I did soak that one and then clamped that against the top basswood plank, with cling film in between to keep the basswood dry, to get the shape somewhere close because there's only the 1.5mm top of the last basswood plank to glue to and it's got to be flush, ready for the sapelly 2x2mm near the end of the build.


I found the materials sent to be of ok quality but there wasn't enough wood for the floor and some pieces had to be remade from scratch because the ones sent wouldn't fit. The pictorial instructions were much more useful than the written ones. The end product is worth the time spent working it out though.

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