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Swift by philo426 - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - first POB build

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Ok I'm diving in!I secured the deck and have pinned up the first plank.I soaked the plank in hot water for 10 minutes and pinned it to the bulkheads.To prevent splitting I had to drill a pilot hole in each bulkhead.I guess i will let it dry,mark the position of the plank and apply the Titebond.Hope I am doing this right,but I'll guess i will find out!    002-37_zps54e6b647.jpg

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OK! I continue to put the planks on and it is going ok,I will have to cut ,sand and add wood here and there to make the hull as good as I can get it.i already got my money's worth out of this kit because I never did a planked hull before but it is fun and challenging!      001-70_zpse15f5710.jpg

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hi philo,A good attitude is part of learning ,keep it up. would like to suggest putting the planking pins into the bulkheads rather than the planks,using the collar of the pin to hold the plank down to dry, it would prevent cracking and you would not have to fill holes. Ed

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Hello philo426

 Sorry no helpful ideas from me, as your way ahead of me. Plus I've been working on getting my log going and less time looking at other logs since the crash (I'm finally caught up though).


She's looking good, from looking at a few Swift logs prior to the crash the bulwark where they meet at the stem seems to be a hard part to get sharp straight lines on. From the side view, it looks like you have it. Keep up the good work. I'm sure many are spending, lots of time getting build logs back up and not getting to spend so much time surfing other logs. I've been kinda flying by the seat of my pants also, as this is my first ship (I don't think my canoe qualifies as a ship)


Looks like you have the older kit also, which gives only 4 1/2 pages of actual instructions (if its like mine). Kinda gives vague a whole new meaning.

Oh and on the bulwarks molding, brilliant use of a skillet. you may be on to something for keeping bacon flat also, They do kinda look like that turkey bacon though.


Oh BTW, I love that old Macanudo cigar box, and better what came in it.

     Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
     You're gonna go far, you're gonna fly high,
     You're never gonna die, you're gonna make it if you try;they're gonna love you.

     (couldn't resist the PF reference)


Shine On -/\=


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Put the brass hinges on the rudder and stern post.I had to cut the brass nails down and started them my gripping them with my needle nose pliers.Then I crushed them into the wood. I had to cut slots in the inward face of the rudder to accommodate the brass hinges.      001-70_zps991e6d5c.jpg

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