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Hi dragzz Les Here. Billings kits can be a little frustrating becuase they don't give you enough information on the plans. I ended up kit bashing several items to make it work. If you google the Vancouver maritime museum you'll be able to get pictures of the real thing. A huge benefit. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the museum and take photos. One take away is how small this ship really is. I can't beleive that the crew would spend 2 years at sea in this thing. This  is a ship with great Canadian history. Three books for viewing are The Big Ship by Frank R. Sheer and Edvard Omholt-Jensen, Arctic Assignment by Sgt. F.S.Farrar R.C.M.P. and Arctic workhorse The RCMP Schooner ST. Roch. By James Delgado. All very highly recommended. 

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