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San Salvador by warship - CARD

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Hi Chuck,


Thank you for replying my post.


This is a great kit, I like it a lot, so surprised that it can be built with paper.

I found this kit while surfing Model Ship World Forums:



and I think it is provided by Maritime Museum



One comment to this kit is rigging, I think it is simplify version of rigging for this kit, currently I'm trying to rigging it with wood pieces, but I don't have detail rigging info for San Salvador, what I can do is reference to those pictures took by people whom visited museum.


Last thing...regarding why I'm interested in San Salvador, I was living in California around 4 years. :bird-vi:




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    Thanks.  After asking the question, I found the download on the Museum site.  I probably should have known it was there, since our club is affiliated with the Museum.  From what I hear, they will be launching San Salvador in September or October.


    Your model looks great!.

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Tony, I downloaded this awhile back. Now I am able to see what it looks like. From what I have seen you are doing a bang up job. I have just started the Maine in card. The good thing is if you make a mistake you can redo it. Not to many times though unless you like to buy ink alot. Keep up the good work.

David B

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Hi Chuck, David,


Thank you.

If you are going to build it, I found that build instruction might has several typo.

1. page 5, figure 2, #34 should be a, b, c from top to down, instead of c, b, a.

2. page 7, figure 5, #22d should be #35

3. page 7, figure 5, #22, #23 is for the deck after main mast.


Besides, some parts are missing

1. part #27 missing two piece

2. part #37, #38 and #39 needs to print two copies for both top and bottom side.


and I installed #40 inside of freeboard between forecastle and quarter deck, since instructions doesn't mention about it.



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