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Hi there

I joined about a month ago and, from advice, got the Corel Scotland ship to start with but as an absolute beginner feel that its a tad complex as a first build. What are people's thoughts? If, like me you feel its a step too far for ship #1 can you recc an alternative that will develop my skills and not break the bank? Many thanks in advance :)

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There are a couple of build logs for the Scotland so you could gain some knowledge from those builds. There are also tutorials that will help get you started. They are located in the shop notes, ship modeling tip, techniques and research section. I working on my first one as well so I understand how daunting it may seem, but once you begin and start learning then it will get easier.



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If you truly wish to step back a bit, take a look at some of the kits from Midwest Products.  Their beginner's kits are designed with absolute beginners in mind, and the instructions are some of the best in the business.  Each kit includes a complete list of necessary tools.  They build into very nice models straight out of the box, but can also be super-detailed if one wishes.  Doesn't hurt that Midwest is having a 25% off promo right now, along with free U.S. shipping, making some of their kits under US$20.00.  The Chesapeake Bay Flattie is a particularly good first model.



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Well you could try Model Expo's Sultana. It's the same scale as your Scotland (if you have the ME's version that is ) and it's a solid hull, so there's no need to worry about bulk heads and hull planking. It will require some sanding & shaping of the hull using templates and then adding the deck fittings and rigging. It's about 1/2 the cost of your Scotland. Sometimes ME runs this kit on sale and you can get for a lot less. You could also check out BlueJacket Shipcrafters "Skiff" kit. It's about as basic as you can get and under $40.


I know what your going through, my first build was Constructo's Enterprise kit. Having a background building model cars and airplanes the Enterprise was just daunting. It took perseverance, patience, a lot of reading and help from forum members.  When I look back at my Enterprise, I see so many things I should have done and now can do better. I'm really proud of that ship and every night I look at it and realize how far I have come.


The ship you have is intimidating for a first timer but if you take your time, do some reading and ask for help, I think you could do it. Each ship that is built is unique and has it's own character that you build into it. Don't worry about being perfect the first time.

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Hi, I am very raw beginner.


I read the 'kit selection' article in the resource section. It made a lot of sense and following advice there I made my choice. I recommend you read it and follow the advice given. It's always an individuals own choice, but my view is that early sucesses breed confidence, so I am going to attempt 'easier' models to start with and work up to more 'interesting' models later.


The alternative is to jump in with an advanced model, get dissalusioned with it when it's beyond me and therefore leaving the hobby.


Save the Scotland till you feel more confident!

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Ahoy Fishface :D


The Corel kits are like every other kit in that they are lacking something. In your case it is the instructions. For the newbie shipwright, Corel has to have what can only be described as the most entertaining instructions in the industry. Yes every bit of information is actually in there, but for the newbie, finding it is sometimes more difficult then constructing the model. Someone there must love a great mystery.


Before you spend any money, consider this 


Download and read some of the free instructions found at many "other"  kit manufacturers sites, and then apply them to your build. The basics of model shipbuilding are pretty much the same provided you stick with your ship type, Solid hull, POF, or POB. Use these to fill in the holes 


I highly recommend Model Expo as they have some of the best instructions and practicums in the industry. They are also all free. ME sponsors this site and a link can be found on bottom right of the home page along with our other great sponsors. 

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Stop procrastinating and get to building that Scotland. Yes, you are a beginner, yes, it seems intimidating at first, but get over it and crack that box open and start building. You have a health of knowledge here on these forums that wasn't around 20 years ago. Anyone here would help you with any questions you have. So don't sweat it, we got your back jack. 

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I am going to agree with mtdoramike.  I am a newbie and spent several weeks reading build logs, articles, etc. before selecting the Willie Bennett.  It looked very straight forward and it didn't require planking.  Well, I have found out that for me it is a very challenging project.  I had to adopt the attitude of taking it slow and building one step at a time.  I also had to adopt the attitude that I am a nubie and I will make mistakes, perform many do overs and still end up with a model that is far from perfect.  However, I am enjoying every step and learning from every mistake.  There are lots of willie build logs and I pour over them every night.  I am learning a lot having fun.


Yep, open the box and start building.

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