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Caldercrafts Snake - Register For Updates?


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I just got my first kit, the HMS Snake from Caldercraft. I noticed in the kit there was a form that can be mailed or faxed (apparently they haven't heard of online registration) to register the kit, and get any updates mailed out if they exist.


My question is if anyone here is familiar with the kit, do you know if there are in fact updates to this kit that I should register for, and then wait until I get them before starting the kit? Or are the no current updates for the kit and I'm good to go? I'll still register anyway, just wanted to make sure I don't start the kit without everything current and up to date.

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Register if you like. I registered three kits, the Endeavour, the Bounty and the Supply about 9 months ago. Then I discovered parts missing from Supply. I'm still waiting for replacement parts even after 3 emails and two phone calls. If they won't e even replace missing parts then I reckon you've got as much chance as an ice cube in hell of getting updates.



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I'm surprised to see that you have problems over missing parts from Caldercraft. I had a small ply sheet missing from my Supply kit. I phoned John Wright & he put it in the post next day.I have been buying kits from them for 20 + years, R/C & static & never had a problem. All the best, Geoff

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I've got the Snake kit but have to admit I havent registered it. Will echo Brian's advice and recommend a full check on the parts list and follow up with Caldercraft if anything is missing. They are very good in posting out any item required.


Looking forward to your build log, there are a few Snake modellers out there, feel free to use our logs as inspiration.






And the Snake link in my signature.


Good luck!

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This is funny... some people have luck with getting replacement parts and some don't as myself.

Equally funny is that when you check build logs of members, there is always people stalled waiting for parts that were originally missing.


PS I wouldn't worry about registering as I guarantee you, you will not get a response. That I am sure of.



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That seems to be the story with Caldercraft. Every story I've heard about them seems to be they excellent service over the phone, but terrible service through email.


Oh well, I'll get to work on making sure all parts were included. That in itself will require some research, as even though they include a parts list, there's no accompanying drawing of each part. So being new to the hobby, I'm all "Okay, the kit is supposed to have 20 of X part.... what the heck does X part look like though?"

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Kitzilla, hope you get a build log going. As Jim mentioned, there are a few of us building the Snake and more are always welcome.  We'll provide as much insight as we can, it helps being familiar with a specific kit, so pretty confident one of us can answer any question you have on the parts or other foibles that all of the kits have.


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I have registered 8 kits with them and never had anything back. Pretty sure been updates as in two kits parts don't match instructions or parts list.


Have had parts missing from one kit and got parts quickly, also had timber replaced 3 times with no problems.

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