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thich nail pusher is better?

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Michael,if your thinking of buying a nail pusher for doing your planking ie holding planks in position while the glue dries,try Push Pins,you can get them on ebay, i purchased the amiti one,used it once,but find the push pins a lot better and easier to use,just my oppinion of course,  Ross.

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I have had a nail pusher for finishing nails and used it around the house for years

Mine looks more like the second one


The nail loads inside the barrel... but I wish the pusher was magnetised to hold the nail in place... the barrel would need to be a different material (300 series stainless steel?)

If I don't get it up to the wood carefully it slides out (I plug the end of the barrel with my finger)


I like it because it can be a pain holding a small finishing nail and trying to tap it with a small finishing hammer... tweezers or no tweezers... I use to use needle nose pliers to hold the nail

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mine is the same way Anon......the barrel slides into the pusher,  while a rod inside drives the brad.  I like it a lot......the only thing is that you can only use one size brad


7 mm  - looks like a finishing nail with a small head


10 mm  - larger brad with a flanged head.  I don't use them too much because they are too large.  I use them for levers and riveting simulation


looks like you used the 10 mm Michael......don't believe there is a tool for them out there...I haven't seen one.  do you plan to pull them out afterwards?  I have something though........a tool that is part of a mechanic's kit,  for the installation of front and rear engine seals.

      all it is really,  is a 1/8th metal rod with a handle on it,  but it works well........found it when I first started this medium.  now that I've done a few builds,  I do like Ross suggests and use push pins.   there are many different varieties out there....I use the short ones with a round ball for a head.  sure beats the fun I used to have,  pulling them all out........never liked the feeling and the sound of sandpaper on metal ;)

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In my opinion the Cornwall tool beats the Amati by a mile.  I've had both and the Cornwall is far superior.  The magnet on the Amati nailer isn't very strong and it's frustrating because when you point the nail down you lose it about half the time.  Worse, the tube on the Amati is very narrow and takes only the tiniest of nails.  (They may have helped that problem but providing two tubes, but I don't know if one is a replacement or a larger size).  Speaking of which, the tube on the Amati is paper thin and bends very easily which could never happen with the Cornwall.

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