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the chopper ii problem

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just got the chopper ii from NWSL ( I also bought 75  Razor blades and extra Cutting mat for Chopper)

 and i don't know why but its not cutting straight 

i even try to cut strip of lime wood of 1.5 *1.5 mm and still its not straight Even I tried to replace the razor blades and same thing...

i sendend an email to them and asked them  to send me a new one  


when i will get answer i will let you know 


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North West Short Line or NWSL makes a lot of model railroading goodies along with these tools. I've used a few of them - gears, diesel wheels, electric motors.

The various cutters work for a time, but eventually the groove where the razor blade contacts the Masonite or cutting mat gets to a point where the cuts wander. I have seen folks put two small pieces of tool steel either side of the spot where the 90 degree cut fall on the Masonite versions parallel to the blade. This leaves a thin slot for the blade to cut through and supports both sides of the cut stock. You can turn the self healing mats and do the same thing.

Use fresh blades, dull ones just bend the thinner stock. And it's more pronounced in thicker stock. I'd get a small miter (or mitre) box for that.

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We used the original Chopper in a production setting 8 hours a day - the groove can be filled with epoxy to level the surface.  We would spread the glue at the end of the day and it was good to go in the AM - usually for a week or two.  The secret to good square cuts is a sharp blade and use it for think strips - nothing over 1/8" thick.  Use a miter box for the thicker stuff.  Also, it will not work well with real hard wood like boxwood unless it's real thin.  It's a RR modelers tool and they use basswood 99% of the time.


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