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Pre-Printed Deck Planking - moved by moderator

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 I hope the Moderators will forgive me posting this here but it is the place where it may get most views and I thought not quite a Traders post.


I am investigating having some 1mm wood veneer printed with the pattern of the deck planking, margin planks etc for a build the club is doing.  The scale requires 2.2mm planks which would not only be tedious to do but very time consuming and very prone to errors.


Does anyone have information or contacts that may be able to print the deck plank pattern onto wood veneer if we provide the artwork?  Is this even possible?






Edit:  I have just found this (a possibility?) http://www.cardsofwood.com/store/inkjet_veneer_builder.asp?estore_itemid=7352

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Thanks for the feedback folks; I will email John to see if he can help.


In the meantime I have found a couple of potential veneer printing and laser cutting businesses here in Australia which are set up for the artist community, not specifically modellers but they may prove helpful.  I will post the results of my search when I have investigated a little further.





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