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Fair-A-Frame Building Jig


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Have look here:  http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/materials_and_tools/ToolsNotToBotherWith.pdf   The general answer that's been posted many times is:  save your money.

Thank you sir. My plan is to research this hobbie and hopefully invest in needed supplies intelligently  You;ve given me a step up in knowledge.

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if you are getting started and such I would say to get some stripwood and some thin plywood to make a practice hull for learning to plank the hull.

I think each time I start to do a new hull I get better at it; if I had known I would have made a practice hull and used it several times over...

it's not super hard to do "OK" but I see other hulls and drool.

also tying the ropes,  even spend some time with some  house hold cordage and see how the different knots are done at full size.

then work down to the thread sizes used on models.

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