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Shenandoah by Leo - zd _ 1:200 - SMALL

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Another model of cutter Shenandoah, as I like small scale this one is in 1:200, reduced drawings from Corael 1:50. Naturally that some details will be over sized. My works don't pretend for museum quality.
The model was started some time ago but actually stopped.
Drawings were glued on very tin aero plywood and cut with scissors.
To simplify planking the hull is filed with balsa.
On the latest photos is comparison with the screen, phone and car key just to indicate the size.














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Thanks for posting, Leo! Very impressive. I don't know how you can control the details at such a small scale. I looked at your photos in the gallery. I'm really glad you are also posting a build log for the cutter.



:) hmm ... the years sometimes helps :D

As I usually use lenses or glasses for myopia, without I could read font size 2 , the biggest problem are the potatoes...opss finghers ;)


As you could see on my avatar (the America's deck, naturaly in 1:200) hold by my potato/finger O:)

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Thk all,
How I understand you Steve :D
You have a idea, material, also the tools and the only "smal" problem is how to handle all that :P

Ooo I forgot one other big problem... breathing.... anybody had the trouble that in the critic moment blew out the best done piece !? and naturally where; in the Bermuda triangle of kitchen floor.

Second worse situation is, when you move for a moment that hear the voice of you sweatiest half:
"Darliiing, I cleaned that dust and rests from the kitchen table but didn't move your tools, so you can easy play with you toys" */%###"*** and the best pumps or... are gone... :pirate41:


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I repeated this picture to indicate the way I use for fixing the boat on support.
With this small and weightless boats the structures have bigger weight and the boat easy falls from support.
In keel, on the distance and position of support pilars practice holes and put inside small tubes from medical needles or other type. It is important that the external diameter of tube is smaller for 1 mm than the tick  of the keel, better more but for this scale is difficult.

On the support I put two pieces of rod, diameter that fit in tubes and a bit shorter than the tubes.
The rods are put with small angle so it is necessary small force to insert the rods in tubes, in this way the boat is fixed to the support but can be easy removed.


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