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Niagara by Catch22 - Model Shipways - Wood POB

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So with the rebirth of the site I have a new motivation to post my build log instead of just stalking everyone else's. I moved on to wood ships after branching out from plastic ones and got hooked. Since then Ive build the Phantom and the MS Mayflower. The Mayflower as well as Chuck's amazing practicum helped me learn a lot of techniques. And that brings us to...the Niagara!


Im mostly done the prerigging stuff and am looking forward to making all the masts. I decided to make the cannon/carronades run out but ropes stored. I also decided to spend half a millennium making all the tackle for the guns. Another coat of paint is needed to touch up the oops and things but I'll be saving that for last as smudges and things will undoubtedly happen. And enough words...on to the pictures!




My amazing ship holding device....














And heres where I am now, making all the parts for the chainplates. And in other news im still terrible at soldering.



Blacken-it is my new best friend



I feel like im not uploading these images correctly...any tips of how to make them smaller until you click to expand them would be appreciated.



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Larry, that's an excellent question. It's possible David, aka Bahama's Diver, may know the answer to that. I will pose that question to him. If we don't get an answer there I can always write to the captain at the Erie, PA museum and ask him as well.

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I used a dot of super glue and a pair of clamps for each one and just let them sit for a while. Tey turned out pretty good I think. I was planning on making the U shaped brackets but I'm terrible at soldering so I took the easy way out.

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I understand that completely. I'm definitely not the best at soldering. I made the little U-shaped brackets for the ends of each rail but didn't for all of the stanchions in between. I was able to get some black card stock and glued that directly to the rails to simulate those brackets. Your rails still look excellent though. That is one of the harder areas on this ship to construct.

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FYI:  after going through my hundreds of Niagara photos, I found the following:




update to cannonball display:


cannonball rack placements




This is a snippet from an article written by Alfred S. Brownell entitled "A Model of the Brig Niagara"

published in Volume 16 (pages 199-210) of the Nautical Research Journal

which included a history and several photographs of his model of Niagara.


I do not know if the article is still available.  Check with the folks at the

Nautical Research Journal...



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I have been checking out the many Niagara logs and a few things came to mind as I looked at all the photos. One of them was the capstan and its placement between the two hatches. Faithful duplication of the MS kit plans calls for little houses or dog houses over each hatch adjacent to the capstan, the upper surfaces are very nearly flush with where the capstan bars would swing and I can not imagine this as a practical way of doing things. I know the hatches can be opened and these dog houses set aside, but I just didn't buy them as "real". I looked into it and the current Niagara does have them and the capstan bars are just long enough to allow one man on each bar, but I still have a hard time swallowing this even with the real world example. Anyway this is a long way of saying I am glad to see this historic model has gone with gratings over the hatches, which looks and feels correct to me.


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