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Need help identifying this tool

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More than a year ago my mother-in-law bought me this end snipper. I am trying to find out where it came from. I know it was not cheap, but a friend of mine is interested for circuit board applications. It is made by Xuron but even their website does not show it. Does anyone know where to buy this?


It cuts thin wire or lines flush by holding it right next to the surface. The ends of the 'pliers' are bent and sharpened, so the cutting action is perpendicular to the handles. I use it from time to time to cut the ends of lines to get rid of that little excess as shown below. There are lots of other applications, but it is not intended to cut thick metal wire.

post-246-0-51292500-1421800428_thumb.jpg   post-246-0-37217600-1421800404_thumb.jpg


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That's the one. Thanks George.

The picture in their add explains it all. But the price is still enormous.

I am glad that I have a rich mother-in-law.

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I would find using this tool a bit fiddly for cutting the ends of line just because the cutting part is so narrow. I use cuticle clippers that you can buy at any drug store. You may not want to buy the very cheapest because the blades don't always meet perfectly. But a good pair works really well.


Cheers -


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