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  1. The upper deck framing is about half done. This set of photos shows the progress on the deck and some misc. deck items. The framing is European Beachwood and the forward hatch is bloodwood.
  2. This set of photos shows the stove installed. The upper deck hook is installed and the deck framing has been started.
  3. The lower deck planking and interior lining is in place. The stove will be built and installed next.
  4. Thanks John. Hi giampieroricci, I agree the strakes are uneven if I had used my original layout I would not have had this problem, it will be corrected soon. Thanks for your comment. Mike
  5. After spending three months in Myrtle Beach SC visiting my daughter and grandchildren it is good to get back home to do a little work on the Beagle. The lower deck has a series of floor hatches to access the hold and items below the deck. I used walnut for the covers. The deck planking will be basswood and installed next.
  6. This set of photos shows an access platform below the lower deck which have two ladders and the shot locker. All the lower deck framing is in place. I’ll be working on the deck items next.
  7. I installed the sheer strake top side planks and trimmed the frames to the proper height. This set of photos shows the addition of the upper and lower deck clamps.
  8. Thanks Gary and John, This should be an interesting project. The Beagle is a lot more complex than the Galley Washington I will be simplifying a lot of the joinery my old eyes are not what they use to be. Lol Mike
  9. Thanks Jason, I will add as much detail as I can. Mike
  10. The mast steps, limber strakes and limber boards are shown in this set of photos.
  11. All the frames and the keelson went together without any problems. I will be adding the breast hooks and deck hook next. The only place they are shown in the drawings is an elevation view of the keel and stem assembly so the patterns will be fun to make. This is a few photos of the frames and keelson being installed.
  12. Hi Mark, I actually did draw a set of plans for the Beagle in the English framing style but didn’t think I would live long enough to build her. Mike
  13. The bow framing started with the installation of the most forward frame ‘O’. I generated patterns for the Hawse pieces from the existing drawings after the pieces were cut out I glued them to the frame bread and butter style. I trimmed the timbers to the proper height and sanded the interior and exterior smooth. The last step was to drill the hawse holes. I will be adding the rest of the frames and Keelson next. Thanks for the likes and comments.
  14. The stern framing is finished for now. The bow framing is next on the list.