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Casting Propellers

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Awhile back I decided I wanted to replace the left handed propeller on my " John Cudahy " project with a right handed prop.

So I carved a four blade right hand propeller. Then I thought I might as well see if I could cast some extras.P1013370.thumb.JPG.11a1128ebb93d6f4ada90d725cf918a7.JPG


Starting with some vulcanizing rubber and a round mold frame I added a bottom layer of red vulcanizing rubber. I than pressed the master pattern into the rubber as deep as I could and added rubber under the blades. To create a parting line around the edge of all four blades.The prop and rubber was than cooked to harden it up.P1013373.thumb.JPG.2fd89d9afc80591771483e7e203a2d98.JPG


Once the bottom was done I used a liquid room temp vulcanizing rubber and poured it over the bottom half. It needed several days to set up at which time I cut the softer upper layer in half and removed the master pattern. I had included four position pegs in the mold so it can only be reassembled one way.P1013367.thumb.JPG.89c8c0e68257ff65e79b95b377c55f81.JPGP1013365.thumb.JPG.b587fecb66c68bec44e298a870e30d59.JPG


To mount the mold in the centrifugal I cut two plywood disks just slightly larger than the mold. one for the back side and one with a hole that lined up with the fill hole in the mold. using four quick clamps the mold was mounted in the centrifugal's cradle and lined up with the crucible.P1013361.thumb.JPG.e8ef34e73bb3ec9f40489ebe66195a00.JPG


In the melt pot I heated up some Cerro Cast alloy to use in the mold.P1013362.thumb.JPG.d20666c0c655183cd4969439e2537186.JPGP1013377.thumb.JPG.2a6d1ffcd8e848c3f846edab23a63dfa.JPGP1013358.thumb.JPG.89479e63f6a6e7eda7accac23ee28ae0.JPG


When things were ready I spooned in some liquid cerro cast into the crucible and pulled the pin.Stood back and let it spin.


The first few try's showed a couple of kinks which were taken care of.I ended up making four propellers  which I can use for other projects.


Using some files I cleaned up the flash and did a little more shaping. Once I was happy with it I sandblasted the whole propeller. 


This was my first time trying to cast a propeller and after tweeking the mold a little I am getting good throws each time.

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On 4/16/2017 at 1:41 PM, steamschooner said:

So I carved a four blade right hand propeller

From my point of view, this is the brilliance in this project.


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Bill,  The melting pot I ordered on line, there are a number of places that sell them. The Contenti Company for one.

The centrifugal, A friend in Portland knew of a bare bones used one which I bought. I added the crucible and had a old washing machine tub to put it in. If I start using higher temp metals I will add a lid for safety. I think most large Jewelry making supply places will carry melt pots and centrifigals.

The Cerro Cast that I use I bought from a Foundry supply in Portland Oregon. The same place I got the crucible.

The vulcanizing rubber, both kinds I purchased from the Contenti Co.


Thanks Tom. A big learning curve on this one.

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Thanks, I was trained to do lost wax casting on a centrifuge in Navt Dental tech school. Just looks like a fun thing to try again. I do a little resin work now and then but its not like casting metal.   BILL

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