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  1. I had the tool but was using it incorrectly for years. ☹️ I would hold the plank and press down on it with the tool. It would eventually bend, but took a while. When i found the video I tried it and was amazed at how it performed. Glad it helped others too.
  2. Absolutely amazing!!! Great job. I know that this took time, patience, skill and perseverance. You had it all. My hats off to you.
  3. I'm completely in awe of your work. Amazing job! You should be very proud to be able to do such a wonderful job. That thing needs to be displayed to be admired by all.
  4. Hey EJ_L (and several others on this site), Should I be thanking you or cursing you? Last week I worked on my rigging. I thought it looked pretty good, but after looking at some of these build logs I ripped it all out today and am starting over. I'm working on my first build and my attitude is changing as I work. Things aren't "good enough" any more. Youre all driving me crazy with the quality of your work.
  5. Unbelievable!!! I'm blown away by the quality of your workmanship. I'm currently working on my first ship and am learning but I'm not sure I'll ever get to that level. You've set a high bar. Do you plan on putting her on a shelf or in a display case?
  6. Wow! That's an intense amount of work but certainly paid off. Quality workmanship.
  7. Excellent! You've done an amazing job. Thanks for posting the photos.
  8. Welcome from a fellow North Carolinian.
  9. Hi Sailorross. Thanks for the compliments. I love retirement Gives me the time to work on my hobbies. I started the Sirene about 5 years ago and only got half way through the hull before I put it away. Work kept getting in the way. In December I took it out and have been working on it since. Your Unicorn is looking good. It seems that many of the Corel kits are of very similar design. Regarding the keel and staining, I used 2 products on the entire ship. The Formby's on everything. Easy to apply with some cheese cloth hand rubbed in. A couple of coats. I did the edges of the keel I used the Watco. It's got a very slight tint, but enough to darken just a bit. Same application method. I also used the Watco on the yardarms (you can see them in the background). The masts stay light (Formby's) and the yardarms are a shade darker. I need to give them a couple more coats. Good luck with the Unicorn and keep in touch. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  10. Masts complete, yards stained ready to go. Fromere here on out I'm gonna need a magnifying glass.
  11. Making progress ! ! ! Starting second deck. The kit was short some material so I had to improvise on the handrail supports. I actually think they look better than what was supposed to be there.

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