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  1. Patrick: Your Syren is looking superb! You mentioned you got some new LED spots for you workshop. What style or brand did you get? I need to improve my lighting as well. Dave
  2. I'm just catching up on this thread also. I'm glad to hear that you and your family are recovering from COVID. I love the detail you are showing JD. Especially around cutting the rabet. Druxey: Thanks for the idea on the using thread instead of tape for marking out the planking. A Wonderful Schooner! Dave
  3. Hi Roger: thanks for your note. We moved to Tucson in August. While I really like it down here, I do miss the the Big Lake and especially Duluth Superior. though I must admit we got some snow this week (it lasted about an hour) and realized I didn't miss that aspect of Minnesota. It is too bad about the change in direction with the Meteor. I really liked Sara, and hope she is doing well. I've got the AJ Fisher kit of the John Erickson that I would like to get started on, but in the meantime I will enjoy following your build of the Benjamin Nobel. Bill: If you need anyth
  4. Paul: Your hull looks, great. I agree with your choice of color on the Cap Rails etc. Looking forward to the rest of your build. Dave
  5. Bruma: this is an amazing build log and your Cutty Sark looks incredible. I also really appreciate the other commentators, who have added so much valuable information. I plan on building my kit soon and this log will be invaluable. Thank you so much! Dave
  6. Hi Bob: I'm also sorry about Max. Our pets are family, and I know how hard it is for you. Your P-38 is looking great. I really like that your using Alcad as the base for weathering and using the foil at the wing base is especially interesting. I had not heard of either of those technique before. It also seems like a good way to practice with Alcad before doing a natural metal finish airplane. Dave
  7. I just received my SWAN class Vol 2 within 10 days of ordering in perfect condition. I couldn’t be more happy! Dave
  8. Great choices for kits! I can’t wait to see them. Especially, the NS Savannah. I remember browsing my Grandfather’s collection of National Geographic’s and keep pulling out the issue that had an article about the Savannah. I look forward to following their development. Al, Thanks for sharing how you develop these ships. Dave
  9. Bill, she looks great! Congratulations on a beautiful model and the crew does really bring her alive. I’m looking forward your next build! Dave
  10. Hi Roger: Just completed my move from Minnesota to Arizona and able to follow back up with your build. I'm curious what information from the Survey of the ship supplemented your original lines. This is turning out to be a fascinating story! Dave
  11. Sorry Guys I just got back to this post. As I understand it, Mr Carr kept some of his collection, but most of it was auctioned off this past winter and spring in Duluth. The auction included alot of the collectibles and antiques from the store as well as his remaining stock of models. I will always treasure the time I spent wandering through his store over a period of about 50 years. Carr's Hobby was down on Superior Street in Duluth and was not associated with the Hobbytown USA up in Hermantown. The store is now owned by a different party and they have a gift shop there.
  12. Hi Bill: Great job on making the repair to the Jib Boom. How did you make the repair? Did you drill out each end and insert a pin and glue it back together? The alignment looks spot on! The sails look so much better than the original ones which come with the kit. Dave
  13. Wow JD that is a beautiful boat! Enjoy sailing her. At first look she appeared to be a Mackinaw Boat, but the more I look at her, I see differences. in both the hull and the sail plan, so I'm stumped as well. Regardless she is a beauty! Dave
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