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  1. Signal hoist: flags for call letters NODM and black balls and diamond for anchored and working.
  2. Buoy #8 freshly painted with new batteries and light,ready for repositioning
  3. Awarded 1st Place at 1990 Custom House Maritime Museum for Scratch Built powered
  4. Built for radio control operation Showing signal flags for call letters NODM
  5. Scale (1:48) scratch-built U.S. Coast Guard Buoy Tender "Hornbeam" WLB 394
  6. I'm including some more photos of my models. My first scratch-built model was of IRIS the the buoy tender. I was 14 and had a subscription to the magazine "Ships and the Sea". They always ran a modeling project and someone did a multi-part story about this cutter. It had plans that fit on a magazine page, photos of the prototype and of the contruction process (bread and butter). So I got some balsa sheets and built up a block to carve. My father took me into NYC one day to go Polks Model Hobbies on 5th Ave. so I could purchase some of the fittings. Later as you can see I built the radio c
  7. Joe, Please send me your email address. I cant cope with this site's security. Sam

  8. Thanks, Ryland. My model of the buoy tender, Hornbeam, won 3rd place at the 1985 Mariners Museum Semi-Scratch Built Powered Division Contest. Sam
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