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  1. Hi Nick and thank you for your answer. So if i understood well the kit does not include any of the below pictures thanks again Sokrates
  2. Hi Nick first of all i wish you a good luck with your new project. I have ordered the same kit and i will receive it maybe next week. May i ask you if the kit has a base, because i cannot see it? thanks a lot Sokrates
  3. amazing work.congratulations
  4. Royal Caroline from Panart is my second build. It is a kit for more experienced builders than me, but i learned a lot from my mistakes and i think the result is good enough. I didnt like the white color of the hull and i decided to paint it black. I know this is not historically correct but... I created a poll because i am curious about your opinion regarding the color of the hull. Attached you can see some photos from the process Thanks Sokrates
  5. Hi Caroline, Your build log inspired me once to begin my first build and i am happy that i can see it again. Now i am looking forward to choose my 3rd build... Thank you for posting it again. Sokrates
  6. Hi, you are working very well with the wood and in my opinion you should change the ratlines because they ruin the final result. I am sure you can redo them better. Just a friendly opinion. Sokrates
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