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  1. Hi Everyone, It's been a while (again). I'm sorry for that, but I started my new study at the univerity of Rotterdam Mainport, so I couldn't do a lot. But unfortunatly I had to stop this study. The reason is personal. But this gave me some time to do some moddeling again. And I started just where we left off last time. I wasn't quit saticfied about the result of the 1st planking. So I decided to add a second planking. Besides that I finished the construction of the ship, underdeks as well as upperdeks. And here are finally some pictures again;
  2. Very nice work Bob! Looking very good Now you are really getting ahead of me. I'm currently busy with my final exams before I go to university next year to study navel architecture. Keep up the good work. Always looking forward to it!
  3. You are running ahead of me Bob! It's looking very good so far. You will stick to the metal gun replacements Artesania has send with the kit?
  4. Thanks Bob and indeed you are right. That's what I like about all these forums where people put there built logs on. Everyone built his or her schip in their own way, and we can all learn from each other!
  5. Update Thank you guys for the kind words! I have done some big work on the ship. Because I will be trying to make my ship look like the replica in Rochefort I decided to first sand it very smooth and than to paint it white. This is the result so far (keep in mind, other colours have yet to be painted and the windows and gun ports have to be sanded again):
  6. Good to hear Sjors! And sometimes modeling has to be put away for a while to do other (sometimes more important) things. Update An big update. The planking is finally done. It took me a while to finish but I'm very happy with the result. Keep in mind, a lot of sanding has to be done yet and some other things at the stern. But here are the photo's:
  7. Update Hello everyone, Here is finally another update I know some of you have been waiting for. I only did some work on the planking. Altough I am pretty satisfied with the result there are some mistakes. But I learn from them! Here are the photo's!: You will se that I removed the doors to the captain's cabin. I did this because I was not pleased with it and want to remake it. I also did some modification to the stern of the ship as you will see below:
  8. Thanks guys! I can't build futher right now because I have to go to school again. I hope to make some new progress soon and let you know as fast as possible!
  9. Nice work Tom. I posted one post at the beginning of yout topic. Since then you have made some big and nice progress! Keep up the good work
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