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    I run a party supplies website with my husband, but when time allows I enjoy horse riding, reading, cross stitching, model making, especially wooden ship models, I am also making a Hornby railway layout for our son. I don't know how I find the time, maybe that's why everything takes so long!

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  1. Another section finished. Just 4 more sections to do now. The end is in sight!!!! I have decided to do the Victory and Temeraire bows view as my next big project (mainly because my Captain likes that view best) but it will run alongside another cross stitch picture I'm doing for our next door neighbour for Christmas (and hopefully this Christmas!!)
  2. I haven't built a longboat, but looking at the picture of the book page, it looks like the end ribs are not vertical but are angled slightly? I would look at future steps in your instructions and see how it looks further on in the build. I'm sure someone will be along that can help you.
  3. So, thanks to Steve's help. I now have a really good pattern for The bows view. Thanks Steve. At least I have some time to decide which one to do first!!!!
  4. Your San Francisco is coming along nicely. I like your table, very unusual.
  5. Hi Steve, That would be great - thank you. I'll send you a PM with the details.
  6. You're right in that there is not as much dithering. I don't have PM anymore (I made the originals with a trial version at the time) The pattern for the bow view was made with quite a good pattern maker that is free to use and only pay for the pattern that is created when you are ready. I have gone back and played with the settings a bit more and think this is the best version I can get now (still not quite as good as PM, but better than the first one): I am still finding it hard to choose between the two. The bows I like because, Like Vossie says, you can see most of both ships, I like the details like the water streaming off the anchor rope on Victory and you can just about see the ship's boat being towed behind Victory along with more of the fleet, but I do agree, it does look a bit cluttered. I like the stern because it is an unusual view, the details of the stern galleries, the ships boats towed behind and you can just see the French fleet in the distance and is not as cluttered as the bow. Sigh!! I might just have to do them both!!
  7. Okay, I have made a cross stitch pattern from the full image of the Victory and Temeraire picture in Vossie's post. So now we have the race as seen bow on: or stern So which one? Bow or stern?
  8. Oh my! Now Vossie's made the decision even harder! That is a nice pic. Yes, that's right John. Anyway, it looks like Victory and Temeraire together. Just now which one?!!
  9. Hi John, Thank you. Yes, we had a nice few days in the sun. Hi Dave, they are a couple of lovely pictures. It's always nice to receive a hand stitched picture, they always mean so much more due to the effort involved. I have finished this section of the picture, Agamemnon is now complete and Ca Ira is now beginning to show herself. Even at the small size, there is quite a bit of detail in her. I am beginning to think about my next cross stitch project and need some help deciding on which one to do (I must be crazy!) There is the Temeraire: or Victory and Temeraire: They will both be about the same size as Agamemnon and I have most of the silks to do either in my sewing stash (they both need about 15 new silks I will need to purchase). So c'mon guys and gals, I need your help here! Which one should I do next?
  10. I managed to find some time to spend on Aggie in between sunbathing, swimming, eating and sleeping! The jibsail and the bowsprit is completed, most of the spritsail yard is done, just the very end still to be finished. Here are a few picks of our hotel complex. The lad in the bottom right of one of the pics is our 18 year old... and a typical one at that - always miserable, well nearly always! (we did manage get one or two smiles from him)
  11. Boomkins in place and bowsprit made. I have bashed the bowsprit a bit using B.E's log and Lee's 'Masting and Rigging' book as a guide. I remade the bowsptit/jibbom cap as it was impossible to get the kit supplied one to fit properly due to the angle of the holes, when I filled the holes to match the angle needed I didn't like the end result. Also scratched some new bees, added the bee blocks, remade the jibboom saddle and made the spritsail yard saddle. I need to add the fairlead saddle and have the woolding still to do, but I am pleased with my interpretation. The jibboom still needs lashing to the bowsprit. I will stain the gammoning cleats brown to match the bowsprit more.
  12. Aggie is back!!!!! I have finally got round to resurrecting my Aggie cross stitch. We're going on a weeks holiday to Portugal on Monday (our first proper holiday in 14 years!) and I though taking my cross stitch Aggie would be perfect for something to do in the evenings. So here she is again, all ready to go on holiday. I never did get around to taking a photo of the dragon I stitched for our son, so here that is too, as some of you wanted to see it. I couldn't avoid the glare from the glass, but it gives you an idea. He has 'jewels' around his neck made from gold thread and beads of various shapes and sizes.
  13. I like the way you are adapting the build. I'm looking forward to seeing how the castings come out.
  14. Lovely work. I'm reaching the masting stage of my build and I'm finding it a little daunting, they are far more complicated than the masts on my San Francisco!

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