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  1. Thanks everyone on this. I am just about at this stage and was wondering about the same. Dave
  2. Looking good so far. I found that once I was about half way through the first planking, I was getting the hang of it. I removed some of the earlier planks and re-did them. By the end of the second planking, I was actually quite enjoying it. Dave.
  3. Mamoli plans themselves are not too bad. The instructions however are next to useless. If it hadn't been for MSW 1 and MSW 2, I would have been up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Build logs & other posts here have been my main source of instruction. Floyd, from what I can gather, the companion way would have been under one of the grates. I have been toying with the idea of removing the rear grate and replacing it with a hatch. Dave.
  4. Thanks Floyd. I did end up using masking tape, after much trial & error ( not to mention cursing & swearing). It was very fiddly with the smaller yards, tapering from 3mm to 2mm. Thanks for your advice on the ropes on the anchor stocks. I will paint them black. Dave
  5. I have just discovered my new worst part of this build - tapering yards. I must invest in some sort of a lathe. Tapering yards with a cordless drill and sandpaper is no fun. Tapering one end is fine, but having to put the tapered end in the chuck to taper the other end is a nightmare. However perseverance & slower speed with lighter pressure on the yard, eventually got the job done. I have also decided to redo the breeching ropes for the cannons. Anchor stocks finished.
  6. After much thought, I have decided to do some rigging on the cannons. Because the carriages are metal, and i don't fancy trying to drill them & fitting eyes & rings(I'll leave that to my next build), I will just add breech ropes. Cannon & first trial at seizing Breech ropes complete. At least Newport only has 4 cannons. Not all that happy with the seizing, I may redo them.
  7. I managed to have a good go at my build over the weekend. I don't think the "Minister for War and Finances" was too impressed, but good progress was made. Masts, Bowsprit & booms have all been finished. i also made a start on the anchors. The kit instructions call to use cardboard to make bands for the anchor, but after a bit of research, it turns out that rope is more appropriate for a ship of it's time. Next up is finishing the anchors and tapering the yards.
  8. Thanks Grant, Grant & John. I have one bottle of Brass Black on its way. Dave.
  9. Thanks Grant. I will have a look here in Queensland.
  10. Hec, I get mine from Modelers Shipyard here in Australia. Good quality and reasonable price. I found Mamoli's to splinter & split very easily. Dave
  11. Hec, I have to agree with you. Mamoli's plans are very basic & crude. I have got more useful information off other build logs & general research. I use the photos off the box lid as a reference and only refer to the plans to check sizes & measurements. How have you found the quality of the timber supplied with the kit ? I have had to replace nearly all of mine because the poor quality. Good luck with the rest of your build. Dave.
  12. Slowly progressing on my build, unfortunatly work commitments haven't allowed me to spend as much time on it as i would like. Started adding deck fixtures and tapering masts, bowsprit & booms. I am using a method I found here on this forum (again). I fit the dowel in my drill & hold a piece of sandpaper in my hand. It is working reasonably well, but a word of warning - it gets bloody hot. Hopefully post more progress soon.
  13. Does anyone know where I can get Blacken-it in Australia ?
  14. Hi Frank, Excellent job. If mine turns out 1/10th as good as this, I will be happy. Dave.
  15. Starting to get back into the swing of it again. Hull painted, cap rails on & some of the deck fittings glued into place. I have yet to decide what to use for finishing the deck and bulwark lining.
  16. Love your idea. I will be starting rigging soon and this will be a big help I think.
  17. Very impressive. Another idea for me to "steal" for my build. Dave
  18. At long last we have a bit of cooler weather and I can venture back to my shed to start work on my build again. I have finished deck planking & started working on deck fittings. Photos are not the best as I have still to master my new camera. Deck planking done - still to be sanded. Grates all done. Cap rail bender. Hope "she who must be obeyed" doesn't notice it missing. Cap rail bow bent to shape. Started painting cannon carriages. Kit supplied are black metal. I have decided to paint brown to simulate wood. Re-painted wheels black & have tried to paint a brown dot in
  19. I currently manage a plumbing supply business in Brisbane.
  20. Frank, Good to see your log back. Supply will be my next build, so it will be good to have a log to refer to. Keep up the good work. Dave.
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