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    Hi There...Thanks for looking me up...!!! ('Kim at Home') I'm at retired RN Practitioner, (30+ Years w/ Developmentally Disabled), I also have taught the Martial Disciplines, 3rd Black (Sandan) Tai Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi, for appx. 30 Years, Avid Musician, Guitarist, preferring Hard Rock, & Country Rock,but I Love just about everything, Incl. some Opera...!!!...But Most of all these days, since a really bad accident,( putting me 'Out of Commission' and wheelchair bound for 4+ years, & 6 surgeries (Left Foot & Ankle) I was able to persue my passion for Modeling...about 50 + years now...(Whew !!), but I've learned an awful lot of tricks, and I admire a couple of other mentors, ( also Master Modeler Shipwrights)...who have served to be, and continue to be very inspirational to this skill of shipbuilding...!!!...Blessings !!!

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  1. Hi There Al ... !!! Thanx for the note...!!!! I may have to follow up with him...I'll keep it posted, Okay !!?? Blessings, Kim
  2. Hey There Mates...!! Unfortunately, I recently had one of my scratch built models ( Cutty Sark ...featured in my photo albums !) completely destroyed in transit via the USPS... and of course I'd purchased the insurance for it (required, when the value is over $ 100.00), and I'd valued it at $ 3,500.00 ... ( after extensive crating, securing, and packing w/ dimensions of L 34" x H 24" x W 14" w/ external carrying handles cut in, and a shipping weight of only 9 lbs. ) I've been building ships for a lot of years, ( 50 +/- !!) and this is only the second time an incident such as this has occurred. The first incident involved an agent with State Farm attempting to get an evaluation for a payoff, and after he'd conducted an extensive search, found that my evaluation wasn't up for debate...however it took an obvious amount of explaining the skills, and countless hours invested in 'perfection and details' involved in the craft, and that while doing private searches, determined that what I'd explained all along to him, that Model Ships of this type, are extremely expensive...!!! My Point / question ... the only outfit that I've run across in my years, that comes close to performing any type of evaluations, is 'Bluejacket hip Builders' in Maine... Any suggestions from anyone...??? (Providing 'Proof of Value' is the tough one, when it comes to the USPS inspectors decisions...) Thanks for any imput...!!! Kim
  3. Hi There Andy...!!! Had to 'Chime In' again here, to compliment your work on the case...!!! Really adds to the overall enhancement of the whole project...!!! And fun...Too...!!! Blessings...Kim
  4. Good Point, Frankie...!!! and another GREAT POINT...Don, about the discarded glass , or the glass from a home to be replaced...!!! That's the biggest expense in constructing the case...!!! Take Care...Kim
  5. Hey There, Nick... Whoa...!!! Trying to get away with only 'an inch' or so on each side, or the ends, may result in an 'eyesore' to viewers, and to yourself...!!! This would certainly fall into the 'Appearing to be very uncomfortably Cramped in its' case...It scares me just thinking about it...but then again that could be just me, for that matter...!!! ( Of course, all of this depends on the actual size of the ship... But any ship over at least 18" (or longer) should have a clearance of at least 3'Minimum, and preferably 4" ...especially on each end, Bow & Stern...!!! (just suggestions, My Friend...!!! Blessings...!!! Kim
  6. Hello Again, Dave... One other Suggestion to consider...!!! Complete the Ship you're working on, only Replacing the Upper Deck with...Clear Styrene...which would allow the 'See Through' variation, allowing a full view of the existing lower deck, as it is...This really would be a very simple solution, and not very difficult to achieve... Additionally. you could do it in One Piece as opposed to the 3 pieces provided by Revell...worth a thought...!!!??? Be Proud of your work, My Friend...!!! It is possible to order, and / or obtain sheets of clear, OR slightly tinted, (such as a 'light tan') styrene for this purpose, which I'm sure you would be excellent at crafting, to provide the view of the lower deck, in all its' Glory ...!!! Blessings again...!!! Kim
  7. Hi Dave...!!!... Kim Here... I have a suggestion here, which may or may not strike a few nerves from some followers, but I really believe that you're at a point whereas you can truly enhance your work, with an additional display...meaning Do Not add the second, or upper deck to this model, or 'Unit'...!!! By All Means...(I would) Please consider building a Second Ship, ( or 'Piggy Back' ) that would include the upper deck (sans all of the'extras' on the lower deck) to be displayed along side of this Ship, in order for the viewer to actually see not only your Fine Work!!!, but they'll actually have a chance to view and see just how complicated and 'Busy' that deck was, and how serious the United States was at that time to constructing the ultimate frigate of its' time... You have completed some very serious hours in this piece, and it would be almost shameful to have it hidden from the Model Ship World by covering it, per the instructions of Revell...by covering it... This also 'proves' (if you will ) how serious a modeler you are, in ('showing off' !!! and) showing everyone the true skills you have offered for anyone to see...!!! Please consider this...!!!??? Your work is beyond commendable...!!! Kim !!
  8. Very Innovative, Evan...!!! Very Surely the work of a 'Master Modeler Shipwright', if I do say...!!! Keep it Up, Mate...!!! Kim
  9. Great Pics, Dave...!!! The Cell phone pics never cease to amaze me, at how well they turn out, and how crisp a shot that they take...!!! All of that work surely pays off in both self satisfaction, and genuine all purpose value...!!! Keep it up...!!! Kim
  10. Hi Andy...!!! Beautiful Job my friend...!!! Kind of a fun project, doing the case, Eh...??? Sure was for me...!!! It just seems to enhance the Ship, and absolutely increases the value, considerably...!!! (PLEASE be sure to contact your insurance carrier...[as I went through this one time with water damage, of all things !!] and fortunately, State Farm took care of it, without question...the 'Case' made about a $ 670.00 difference, which helped out a bit) Nice Job...!!! Kim
  11. Hi There, John & Dave...Kim Here...!!! Great to be able to see a picture of all of you together...looks like you all had a wonderful time meeting and being able to share model ship stories ...???!! Hope all is well, and I'll be sendind along a few pics of my two ships, very shortly, to show my progress, and where it stands now...Blessings to All...!!! Kim
  12. Hi Dave...You're setting yourself, ( and for many others to follow !! ) a new Gold Standard for the efforts available and by all means possible for the modifications that can be applied to a 'stock' or standard 'Plastic' kit...!!! These kind of modifications, or 'Add-Ins' as they're sometimes called, are what we usually see in a more 'Advanced level' wood 'Plank on Frame' kit...Very Nice work...!!! Your assembly at this point could actually be considered for ( and I'm considering for myself !!) a 'Cut-Away' version, that would enable either a rear or portside view of the inside of a the ship itself....This, of course exposes the details involved of the 'inner workings' of a ship to the novice, or average untrained viewing public or audience...( Usually seen in some museum dioramas ) I say this only because of the amount of work you've invested in the gun deck, which will be 'covered, and 'out of view' once the upper deck is installed....Your thoughts...???!! ( By the Way...the last time I had done work of this nature was about 15 years ago with on of the 'Cuttys' I completed for an individual for display at a community college...and it was very rewarding, to say the least...!!!) As I said...I may go ahead and do this myself...Again...Nice to be able to talk to you live, and really nice work...My Friend ..!! Kim
  13. Another Note, RE: Display Cases...!!! Having mentioned the expense you're about to incur, 'Shipyard Sid' and All, of appx. $ 200.00 or so, is about right as far as the cost of building your own case (which is mostly for the cost of the glass, actually !) is pennies when considering everything involved: The cost of your kit; the amount of time ( the most valuable effort & input !) ; the Pride involved from having completed one of the most revered skills on the scale of difficulties in the model building arena; and finally, the preservation factor...!!! This list could go on, and on, but my main point is that anyone voting 'against' the expense in doing so is sure to lose out...!!! Absolutely, put any thoughts of Not spending the money, or perhaps arguing the expense with a 'significant other' ( if that may be the case ??!!), out of the mix...Your work is only too valuable, Not to protect...!!! (Especially when Insuring, or insurance companies have to get involved from time to time...(I Know this from experience !!) So much for my input on the subject...!!! Kim
  14. Thanks Jerry & E.G.... ( and sorry for overstepping / Hijacking your build log again...!!!) A great bit of history being forwarded here, guys...!!! I wasn't able to dig anything close to that up, in my searches in just 'images' , so for that, I that you so much ...!!! Blessings, All...Kim
  15. Hey there Frankie...Wow...!!! Great Deal ...!!! These look really good, and the price is way below what anyone would expect...!!! Thanks for posting and sharing...!!! Kim

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