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  1. Just received word this morning that my saw and disc sander have shipped. Should be here Friday. My debit card might still be in mourning but I'm happy.
  2. Those look terrific. Exactly the kind of thing I'm looking forward to trying out once my Byrnes saw comes in.
  3. So after two years of looking longingly I finally placed the order for a Byrnes Table Saw and pretty much every accessory for it. While I was ordering that I decided to order the disc sander too. I figured hey, I'll save on shipping. My debit card was not amused.
  4. I couldn't resist either. Order placed. I'm planning on placing an order for a Byrnes Table saw in the next day or two. Maybe I can find some interesting jigs or tools in this book to break the saw in with.
  5. I just saw this topic or I would have piped in sooner. I order my building slip from Hobbyworld-USA last year. They were fantastic. Despite excellent packaging UPS managed to completely smash all four corners of the box and the base plates inside. I sent a message to Hobbyworld and in no time Matt Bole had sent me out replacement parts. Great service and great communications from them.
  6. I started on this one and enjoyed it but not too far into it I realized that those thick planks were making it very difficult. I've long meant to return to it but get new wood for the planking. I started a build log on it which, though very incomplete, might have some useful bits of information for you. Mainly as a list of things not too do.
  7. I can't wait to try this. I'm getting ready to start planking a Draketail workboat model. The hull will be filled and sanded smooth after planking so it's a great test bed.
  8. I've been painting some 1/72 figures of various British redcoats but I have no references so I picked up a used copy of Uniforms of the American Revolution off Amazon. The copy came and was a little scruffier than I had hoped but when I opened it up and saw all the stamps i was pretty happy with what I got. Kind of neat buying a reference book on British military uniforms and it ends up coming out of the Ministry of Defence Library.
  9. Despite UPS's best efforts I received these last night from Cornwall Model Boats. I had back-ordered it about three weeks ago. They shipped it out Friday and it made it to Maryland Monday afternoon. Amazing service from them. They're the metal display stand dolphins from Amati along with Captain Amati and Ensign Amati figures. They showed up accompanied by this beast: Every review or build log of this thing I've read all mention how big it is. So why was I dumbfounded by how big it is? Seriously, I'm kind of afraid of it. If it fell on me it'd probably kill me. I've
  10. You can split the difference and get 3/16" acrylic. I used 1/8" for my Badger case and though the longest dimension is only 30" or I can definitely see a slight bowing in it. I tried purposely to get reflections in the glass on the picture so you can see the difference. The acrylic on the Tiger model is about 28" or so long and is 3/16". No bowing and very rigid.
  11. I'll second that. I've been using the Tamiya tape for years and love it. The only thing I ever use besides the Tamiya is the very narrow 3M pin-striping tape. I used to use loads of both when I painted helmets for a friend's roller derby team.
  12. It's funny. Looking at these pictures I just realized what my mistake actually was that caused me such problems in the bow area later in the build. I thought that I hadn't spent enough time fairing the frame in the bow area which caused it to be too bluff. Now I realize that I set the plywood gunport formers wrong. I think I set the very front of them slightly high which caused them to splay out more than they should have. it's why later on the kit's upper rails didn't fit and why the first hull planks swooped upwards excessively. Wow. Pretty happy to learn something from a mistake I ma
  13. Finished planking. The completely invisible interior deck (orlop?). looks nice though. Fitting the false deck. I've marked out the centerline, points for plank shift and added several parallel lines so that I can make sure the planks are running true. Decking complete. I colored one side of each plank with a sharpie but I used a pencil to highlight the butt after they were down. I added treenails using basswood scraps run through a Byrnes draw-plate. I first tried an inexpensive draw plate from somewhere e
  14. You really hit the jackpot with that base. I have a Model Expo one on my Badger and it's pretty but your's is really nice.
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