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  1. Dan, I’m so sorry to read this. Know that your contributions here have helped so many people you’ve never met and who probably didn’t say thanks at the time. So for me, that’s a big thank you for all the help, inspiration and solid work here on the site. You’re a top bloke. Go well my friend. Wayne
  2. Kia ora John, This site brings all the talent of the world to these far flung shores. Always plenty to learn by watching others but I’d suggest the best way is to have a crack and start a build log. You won’t regret it.
  3. Servo arms would probably be easier than drums if you have the room in the hull to get the length of pull needed. Keeping tension on the lines on a drum can be problematic. Have a look at Jerry Todds' build logs for some mechanical inspiration.
  4. Just caught up BE. That's a great build. Love the touch of the coins on the base. It complements the superb model nicely.
  5. Thanks Joe. It's a pretty light breeze and lots of unscale-like bobbing in that vid compared to when she's running her best in a consistent wind with sails bellied. However that's when more concentration is needed and I can't pick up the phone to film. She's a great talking point. When I had her out yesterday for a couple of hours I had a steady procession of four individual gents who each had to know all about her. One thing I've found is it brings ship modelling to a wider public and that can't be a bad thing. One said he'd he'd often thought of picking up modelling that he'd last done as a kid. He was daunted by the thought of something like this, but the great thing this site and the people here teach you about modelling is that it's just a series of small tasks and problems that when solved add up to something bigger- eating a the proverbial elephant one bite at a time and all. Also....Looking at your Cruiser... I think the foc'sle and aft platforms you've got on Sophie look really good and are more typical for the class from what I could find. The need to get at a moving tiller for potential repair ruled it out for me. The Sophie you've created is a lovely, purposeful looking ship, but I am biased, having a daughter by that name. I couldn't call mine that for fear of being accused of favouritism, as much as I like the O'Brien novels. I hope our builds coincide on another subject. You've been a good mate through it all.
  6. 1/36 working RC Cruizer-class brig
  7. My other loose end tidied up - My 1/36 RC brig HMS Harrier is finished, fully rigged and sailing effectively. Follow the build log link in my signature for more pics and a link to a vid of her in action.
  8. Harrier has been sailing for a while now but I've finally got her how I wanted her with some modifications to improve yard rotation and hence windward ability and also the cosmetics like gun and other rigging. Also, I've got evidence that she sails uploaded to youtube, (check my other vids and you can also see my recently built cedar canoe that's kept me from ship modelling for a bit). Thanks to all who offered advice and knowledge, whether you knew it or not, and provided actual bits for her. It wouldn't have happened without you. Harrier cleared for action. The deck hatches lines offering access to the radio gear disappear at the right angles. You can see the rear hatch to the left in this shot and the clear tape that's used to seal them before sailing. After many attempts to get a self sealing hatch with rubber seals this was far easier and more effective. The tiller is functional with the lines coming from a drum servo below decks and pulling it to either side. The wheel, however, is static as it felt like one more thing to go wrong and a little fragile. It's nice watching the tiller swing under a ghost helmsman's hand. Sailing into the sunset. I've got plans scaled for a 1/36 Enterprize class 28-gun frigate and might start on some smaller pieces of that in near future. However, if the bank balance allows this year I'll crack into my real dream of a 1:1 sailing dinghy. Time for the real thing. Thanks for following this drawn-out build.
  9. Just caught up on this Joe. That's a fine finish to the build and a great Cruizer. Well done. I hope the health is improving.
  10. Nice Tammie Norrie there Bedford. love the lines of an Oughtred boat. I'm sure the model will be just as fine.
  11. That's quite spectacular - both the carving and the quality of the rest of the build. Congratulations.

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