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  1. Hello, I am most pleased to let you know that five days after my successful contact with Domanoff, I have received the replacement parts for the ropewalk here in U.K. and am again making good quality rope. I accept this as a lightning fast response once my problem was apparent to Domanoff and as consistent with that received by his other customers. Tony.
  2. Hello, Following my post on 5th Feb. Domanoff contacted me and immediately arranged for replacement parts to be dispatched. This seems to be the level of service that other customers have received. When the parts arrive, I will close the loop and publicly thank Domanoff. Tony.
  3. I purchased a ropewalk direct from Domanoff just before Christmas 2017. All went smoothly with e-mail communications by return and the device arrived quickly. I began following the detailed instructions and was soon producing good scale rope. Early in January, I noticed one of the gear wheels wobbling in its bearing hole in the top perspex plate much more than the other wheels. On investigation I found that the steel spindle on the wobbling gear had been miscut and a sharp tongue of steel was present along the wheel shaft and had worn a larger hole in the top plastic plate. I e-m
  4. Hello Pierre, Regarding you not liking getting older; I have found that it is better than the alternative. Kind regards, Tony.
  5. Hello Chuck, Thank you for your swift reply. I am disappointed that the planking provided in the latest Model Expo kit is not approved by the designer and has been changed without his agreement. The 40 planks in question are a large proportion of the total wood and are almost the most important part of the whole kit. If you are suggesting that this wood should not be used, I question the commercial honesty of the kit producer. Is there any way that MSW can warn other potential purchasers of this major defect in this Model Expo kit? tony.
  6. Hello Chuck, I am a modeller from UK and have just taken delivery of one of your Longboat kits from Model Shipways MS1457. I would like to congratulate you on designing a first class kit and documentation. I have a question regarding the hull planking material. After reading build logs on this site, I was expecting these planks to be 1/32 inches thick ( 0.8 millimetres in our units). The planks I have received are 0.02 inches thick ( 0.5 mm) This seems very thin even if minimal sanding will be required. Could you comment on this please?
  7. Hello, I am a modeller in the U.K. and am working on a Swan class sloop at 1/48 scale. Although there is much detail in the reference books on sweep ports, I can find no reference as to whether these ports were lined in the same way as gun ports. I have seen that the sweep ports lids could be hinged on the forward vertical i.e. the next frame forward. In this case, would the lining ( if any) be omitted on this hinged upright? I would be very grateful for any advice. Tony Cullen.
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