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  1. It’s the same photo I’d say just a lot cleaner. As for camouflage I think it’s just shadow
  2. I must say i agree. I see some parts are soo small that the glue used (even thin glue) would be bigger than the piece itself thus making it pointless. BUT PE is your friend.
  3. Yes, that would have been an Aussie one. The little resin kits either lack details on the wings and Hull or the molds have degreased too much. so after 2 hours of masking the underside, and a few shades of grey and a bit of weathering, I can let it set until I can give a clear coat and put decals on.
  4. The Catalinas. It appears from my research they were almost black, I just can’t confirm if they had the US stars on the wings.
  5. Thanks but I kinda hit a limit with what’s available. The kingfishers done.
  6. I’ve done the seagulls up, also some little trollies for them to go on deck. I’ll only need maybe 2 or three of these so I’ll use the least crap as I’m rubbish at these horrible hard plastic kits.
  7. Be cool to add them both….. yes, I thought I’d finally do some people …. As to the Kingfishers, if you zoom in on the photos from Darwin Harbour she had some on the flight deck. As well as Catalinas near her.
  8. Decals added, lots of Microsol but I think as they are quite old they done like sticking down.
  9. I’ve been asking for some decent 3D splinter mattresses, every WW2 RN warship had them.
  10. New release from Micromaster which hopefully I should get a set of in a few weeks. Insane level of detail
  11. I want them to end up a bit like this but quite difficult at this scale with my skill set
  12. Started on the aircraft painting, not easy. A few shades of blue, decals then weathering to go.
  13. I have always had to wait three months from there, the last time it took 2 months to leave their own country! They have nice stuff but using a horse and cart as UPS
  14. I’ve added the ship to the base, all it really needs now will be the lines . I’ve done a deep blue as a base for the seaplanes and a navy blue for the Catalinas base coat and a Green for the Japanese aircraft.
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