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  1. I have quite a few diameters of rigging line. Done are so damn tiny you can hardly see them. I just wish they did a grey scale colour or even rust. whilst the 3D printing is perfect it becomes a bit like lego in that you just have to put it on the ship. The only real skill then is painting it properly. eyes don’t have a zoom feature though, and when looked at from a yard away you can’t really tell.
  2. and hot off the printing press from NZ, the final pieces have arrived, some extra depth charges for the rear deck and the high altitude gun director
  3. I can now start the infill, adding the prepainted bits. I’ll have to add the stanchions and rigging on this first level before I can go to the main deck.
  4. So some glueing today. The masts are like spaghetti, soft plastic with strange angles on them. they’ll need some weathering then stays and rigging, then I can put the funnels on and their rigging, and it will come together quickly.
  5. Thanks all. so nearly there. 2 days work to make up the masts. The horrible thing about plastic masts is how they will hold up under the tension of riggings! A bit of brass to replace. No stays referenced in any of the plans but the photos have them. Non tall ship modellers miss this stuff all the time. so ladders and the seaplane plus the stanchions to go. Once painted, I can start rigging then throw it all together
  6. Lots of small things finally getting painted, the 20mm the quad Vickers the Octuplet Pom Pom the balsa raft the 36” spotlight
  7. Aaaaand done, I used a few washes to bring out the highlights, then a dry brush to white to hit the night points on the rivets etc. Then some streaking grime, then some dark brown to represent chipped rust points, then some streaked rust from those points. i know someone is going to say “they would never let it get that bad” but I don’t know boats.
  8. The main 8” guns painted, primer, dark grey, light grey then a medium grey overspray. A blue filter was then added over the top. Washes and weathering next.
  9. Ok, I found it on the internets; where pray tell my learned friends, did you find it? looking for sources here....
  10. The Micromaster bits, the depth charge rack, and flota nets and the 36 inch search lights
  11. So a full day of masking, and the superstructures painted. Filters washes and weathering to go.
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