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  1. Thought I’d make a start, drill out the portholes, thin out the ledges for the deck so it sits just below the gunwhale, PE Foxsle added, funnels done
  2. I have broken off that many masts repositioning my ships it beggars belief, as they are always already rigged and need CA and a quick set solution.
  3. The Hull is quite nice but will need some work to make her look real. The camouflage pattern will be pretty dominant and therein lies the challenge of oil canning at different colours. The deck was also painted over so that’s going to need work as well. Most kits these days are starting to replace a lot of the finer details with their own PE, but this is no where as complex as the Fletcher or Spruance was to build.
  4. Yes, I’m always a bit sceptical given he misses the metal focsle which Trumpy misses too.
  5. So the PE is from everywhere, plus spares, and I’m using the Micromaster.co.nz 3D upgrades. (I’m still awaiting the last three guns for Strasbourg which will be a couple of days to paint up so I can park her). the only thing not readily available are splinter mattresses which I’ll scratch build I think. luckily Joy Yard realises that by the 1940’s the Wooden focsle was replayed by meta and provide that with the deck set.
  6. Next build, a series of British ships I think, is the HMS Kent from 1942, one of the 4 such ships of this period (the modern Frigate HMS Kent will be next). There is a dedicated PE set for some of the other County class ships but not Kent so some jury rigging will be needed plus extras etc my plan is to weather her heavily as she was doing the Murmansk escorts at this time. Jamie from Sovereign Hobbies has pretty much the most accurate paint scheme which I will use.
  7. Now a size comparison, KGV, Dreadnought, Yamato and Strasbourg. Pulling her out of the cupboard I forget how big Yamato was.
  8. Ok I’m nearly done, I’m awaiting the replacements for the 3 rear guns. IMG_3991.MOV IMG_3990.MOV IMG_3995.MOV
  9. I think he will. I’ve gotten some more stuff for my next build but I’m still awaiting the three rear quad turrets from NZ which has taken a month so far but I expect the mail is just a mess with the Covid’s. I think you’ll find the turret is probably just more intricate than a US one. Not better but just more to it.
  10. Yes, I’ve noticed the stripes in the blast bags, there is no way I could replicate them without it looking like crap. The lines on the aircraft would be a bit beyond my skill set too!
  11. Bit of paint including the armistice flags, the kit has decals but I think painting them Is always going to look more realistic
  12. The quad 130mm guns, as I’m awaiting the 3D printed guns from NZ I did up the kit provided guns, the one in the left is the little bit of PE provided with the kit, then the upgrades from Big Blue Boy.
  13. No real updates, I’ve started rigging but found these photos Senior officers mess Chief’s Mess an officers cabin
  14. Dude seriously! I can fit lots into the cabinet yet. Child one is only in year 2 of university, Child 2 has been accepted as an officer cadet and child 3 wants to be a tradesman, so he can made me more cabinets. I only have one ship in a box ready to go.
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