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  1. Done, back guns are a real little too light but she’s parked up now and will never be publically shown anyways.
  2. Ok, final works, a blue filter a grey wash a white airbrush and a little bit of brass for the barrel ends
  3. Quad secondary guns part 2. The armistice stripes then the base grey coats. I’ll leave these now for 24 hours then start on the filters.
  4. She has some pretty good lines, so I’ve now cut in the plates. I’m going to oil can her below the waterline ( because I can really), the RN had a serious shortage of enamel for their paints and o it the boot strap was good quality as that was the highest exposure area at the waterline. I have to finish my last guns for the Strasbourg this week.
  5. Hull lines in, I added a few more, a couple of coats of primer with a flea type can. Tomorrow I’ll etch in the plates and put the undercoats on to represent the ships base primer and metal coats with oil canning.
  6. None of the aftermarket is for the HMS Kent so it’s not really linear, so I’m scratching around replacing doors and other stuff, metalled floor indeed the waist guns. I’m almost ready to start painting again.
  7. Mike, I pre paint them then place them and add a drop of fast setting very thin CA . The only reason I didn’t do individual stanchions on this one is that they were actually hard metal ones instead of stanchion and wire.
  8. I use brass rod for pipes, it comes in various sizes and is easy to bend unlike plastic which has a mind of it’s’ own.
  9. Doing up the main bridge area, the box art and the ship has splinter mattresses. None provided or available under $100 I’m going to use 5mm plastic strip, after I prime it I will scribe In the details
  10. The kit provides a Poor plastic catapault for the seaplane so I scratch built one from bits and pieces
  11. So today after 2 months the rear 3D printed guns arrived from NZ. I’m pretty sure it’s Australia Posts fault as anything coming through Melbourne hits a massive backlog due to the Covid’s
  12. Nice, Pontos instructions generally assume a lot of your ability to mind read but it really is excellent. Good to see another coming to the dark side.
  13. I find if the thin up the inner gunnel it will sit a little below the edge allowing the stick on deck to sit flush (if that makes sense). I don’t think I could fit a 1/200 beast!
  14. I look at all the IWM photos of the RN Ships from WW2, they have that fantastic black and white crispness I’d live to see in colour.
  15. Thought I’d make a start, drill out the portholes, thin out the ledges for the deck so it sits just below the gunwhale, PE Foxsle added, funnels done
  16. I have broken off that many masts repositioning my ships it beggars belief, as they are always already rigged and need CA and a quick set solution.
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