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  1. So part 2 of the HMS Kent build. The modern one. It won’t be in its most current configuration as the Radar is not available. The Infini upgrade set is as usual absolutely excellent. tje nice thing about a modern ship is there is a lot of photos open source on Facebook.
  2. The top of the hangar deck seems to change over the years. Need to figure that but out. Lots of really good high definition photos on the internet of her though.
  3. Probably that the Hull came out the way I wanted. I saw a CGI mock up of her on World or Warships (not interested in the game, but the computer work is good), and as usual I’m less than impressed with the Eduard photoetch compared to what Pontos etc etc do.
  4. I wanted to make a beat up and weathered Royal Navy warship, and given the Kent did the Murmansk convoys at this time I reckon she’d get beaten up
  5. And I’m done! I’ll add some photos to the gallery. Off to the digital graveyard FullSizeRender.mov IMG_4567.MOV
  6. So, hours of work and I got half the main deck done with railings. RN ships have three Rails, can’t even see them from a distance but still to me more accurate than the Pe ones
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