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  1. No I don’t store them up!!!! Rodney is apparently coming out in 1/350 (yes I want it) and Ark Royal is a must. I just want a rusty damaged old girl with a full flight deck. Then there are a Dido class destroyers coming......
  2. Shipman, simple kitchen tin foil folded over about 3 times and cut to size. Idiot simple!
  3. Kent should be next, I can weather it a lot! Maybe even a modern one! What I’m really await is a re run of Ark Royal for my third aircraft carrier
  4. If you go to Micromaster and look at their 3D printed ships boats they are amazing. I’m crap at them, the PE is great but I’d still like to cover them in canvas.
  5. I love watching this build. Trumpeter is allegedly bring out Dido class destroyers and a Nelson ( both of which I just have to build.). These ships had such a heavy workload in WW2 I can weather the hell out of them.
  6. I just found this photo, I though it’s a suitable full stop to the build
  7. So good to see someone else destroying their eyesight with PE (1/700 is too small for me but so many options)
  8. The amount of hair I have to clean up from 2 Labrador’s is enough yet alone saw dust! Hope you’re safe down there.
  9. I’ve added the superstructures now, boats cranes, davits, now I can start on the railings.
  10. A lot of metal that didn’t have to fight; it really could have gone either way, had the Germans got their hands on them might have made interesting commerce raiders.
  11. Still quite large though! Looking at the AA it would not have lasted long against aircraft though. the ships cranes are completely replaced by these lovely little complete brass replacements.
  12. http://www.hobbydecal.com/detail.cgi?number=23002f1 you can download the instructions as a PDF then blow them up
  13. A blue filter added, I may add some salt streaks from the portholes, but that will be it. The phots from early 1942 show her pretty much pristine. the metalled decks, dark sea blue with a grey dry brushed over to bring out the PE detail.
  14. Base coat done, I have to fix up the boot strap on the starboard side then I can get a start on the washes etc.
  15. Probably an either or option. At 1/200 individual stanchions will look much nicer. I just checked in instructions and they’re quite simple.
  16. Overspray of the final colour. I think I’m happy with it. I’ll look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow
  17. A base coat of Tamiya Dark grey, a highlighter coat of medium grey. Next will be a overspray of the Kit recommended Mr Hobby dark sea grey.
  18. After watching your work Joe it makes me want to do another Emden
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