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  1. Could not agree more, if you're getting frustrated walk away for a while. It's supposed to be fun.
  2. Mine arrived today, a week to Australia, pretty good. Now a little practorium on how to strop a 3mm block? Including a hook?
  3. Looks exactly right to me! I think I have we'll and truly exceeded the cost of the kit (which was about $200 in 1999 when I started mine). The Admiral is happy as I'm not a golfer leaving her alone all day while I waste a good walk!
  4. I'm just about to replace all my blocks I affixed to the deck as I'm just not happy with them with JBmodels blocks, it's certainly one of the most fiddly procedures. Stropping 3mm blocks is a nightmare!
  5. Thanks gents, I'm replacing the deck blocks whilst I still have acess so that's going to slow me down. Then 32 shroud cleats, stays, lower mast yard blocks, figure out how to make metal wrapping for the mast tacke, etc. I reckon at least two more years before I start the yards.
  6. Standing rigging continued. Shrouds finished off sans ratlines. next is to add the shroud cleats.
  7. If this is the ships boat, have a look on my log as I included oars and masts. I used to row and the Iars to an 8 were about 10 foot long.
  8. Considering there has been a flurry of Endeavours, I thought I'd do an update! Standing rigging (shrouds) in progress. I intend to stain all the shroud rigging black like the replica. I intend to utalise all the mast tackles by having a longboat run out from the yards (Thus the gap).
  9. Cornwall ship models, excellent price, choice and really quick to Oz. they have a fret just for the endeavour. I also replaced the cannon and swivel guns from there as well. I replaced all the planking from Modellers shipyard. I'm in the process of swapping out the rigging blocks from JB models (Jerzy is apparently away on assignment and his site is in limbo) and I just ordered some more blocks from Chuck Pressario.
  10. OK, foremast stays complete. I have to re rig the first shroud as it lost tension with the stays. I think by the time i put the 3 masts in, do their shrouds, stays, Catharpins, shroud cleats, tackle, tops, I'll be ready for Santa before i have to do the ratlines.
  11. Stays and Mouses (or mice i suppose). I made the stays and wormed them to give them a better thickness. I then got an old wooden spindle and drilled holes in the end to run lines through (al la frolich). I made a small wooden mouse from stock and then attempted to cross stitch to produce the mouse. Seriously, black thread is too hard as you just get lost, thus the tan line used for the second one. A LOT of buggering around but the result came out OK.
  12. I purchased the Model Ship ways rope walk, which, whilst rather flimsy, works really well. I've even figured out how to make a jig for making a mouse for the stays. I'll attach photos once I've done the foremast. I have attached a couple of open source PDF files about the Replica Endeavour's standing rigging for those in the Endeavour club.The PDF file attached shows how they make the rope. If you follow the attached link, it is a manual for people going on the Endeavour replica and includes rigging plans. http://www.goolumgoolum.org.au/YEINFO.pdf Signals94_pp02-11_Endeavoursta
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