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  1. Can you, for example, Paint with acrylic and then weather or wash with enamel or with artists oils? Also, what is varnish? I see discussions about gloss coats or dull coats with varnish. How does that mix with either acrylic or enamel?
  2. Coffee maybe or tea? Advise please.
  3. I wonder if the tissue that comes in boxes with new shoes would work for sails. I'm tempted to try it on my rebuild of Swift using the technique demonstrated by BE. The tissue is shiny on one side and dull on the other. Before I waste time on this, has anyone else every tried it?
  4. Keith, thanks for jumping in. I have been through your log several times from beginning to end for inspiration. I have no illusion that my rebuild will come close to the quality of your Swift or "Dark Side of the Moon"... For reference I have discovered that I have an old Model Shipways kit of "Katy of Norfolk". It is almost identical to Swift. I'm hoping that will be all I need along with Petersson's two book on rigging. I have cleaned up the old boat a little and offer a couple of pictures.
  5. Gary, you tried to help me with my Swift question so I'm going to try to return the favor. Page 24 of Petersson's book shows a single block on bottom of each side of the cap. Do you by chance have fax capability? I would be glad to shoot that page to you.
  6. Thanks for the offer Gary, but I'm going to follow the "Katy" plan mentioned before. It also shows the shrouds but I suspect that was just thrown it to add interest to the kit.
  7. Purple Power... An industrial strength cleaner and degreaser. Believe me it works. I got mine from Wal Mart. I thing it is also available at auto supply stores like Auto Zone.
  8. Cool... Thanks Russ. All one color rigging lines then.
  9. Hi Chuck. Thanks for your reply. My assumption that no standing rigging is present is based on an old-old single sheet plan of "Katy of Norfolk" Virginia Pilot Boat from a Model Shipways kit. It appears that Katy is very similar to Swift. A note on the plan says "references- Chapelle. "The Baltimore Clipper. Salem 1930"... Chapelle "American Sailing Craft. New York 1936" and Steel "Naval Architecture. 1804". A note on the top of the page while discussing how to rig the stay sail says" There were no stays on these vessels. Both jib and topmast stay sails were set flying as shown." (which I also don't understand, but that is another topic LOL.). In another place under rigging notes it says "Though two shrouds a side are shown for each mast, these vessels normally had none. Your model is correct if they are not rigged"... So, confusion abounds at least for me. But it is fun. I am learning something new. At my age, they say keeping your mind active is important. This is definitely doing that. Today I learned what a stay sail is... sort of. LOL.
  10. I asked this question in my build log yesterday, with no luck. That post is already buried on page three. It is amazing how many posts on this forum daily. It is great. So... maybe it will get more attention here. I am rebuilding the AL swift which I originally built many, many years ago and this time I want to add a little more detail. I can't seem to find much information and my plans (probably not very accurate) were tossed years ago. I think I have discovered that these pilot boats had no stays or shrouds, so no standing rigging. Is this correct? That seems a little strange to me. But if so all the rigging would be the same, lighter color. Is that correct?
  11. I am still having trouble finding data on "pilot boats" in general but I think I have determined that these boats had no shrouds or stays, therefore no standing rigging. Is that correct? If that is correct, all the rigging lines would be of the lighter color. Right? I'm getting ready to order some blocks and line from Chucks website and I want to get as close to right as possible. No deadeyes, no ratlines, etc. Correct?
  12. Does a tutorial exist for making silkspan sails?
  13. Very nice. I'm attempting a rebuild of an old Swift kit now. Mine will never look that good.

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