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  1. Can you, for example, Paint with acrylic and then weather or wash with enamel or with artists oils? Also, what is varnish? I see discussions about gloss coats or dull coats with varnish. How does that mix with either acrylic or enamel?
  2. Thanks Mike. Since I listed it, I will stand by my offer for another 24 hrs. If no takers, I will remove the offer and try again later on. I also have a Bluenose 2 ( untouched) and a Harvey that the bulkheads are attached to the keel. Maybe I will try to sell them all together. Thanks again.
  3. Top right are six symbols. Third from right is a magnifying glass (search symbol). Second from right is "change background image". Far right is three horizontal lines with a red circle with a 3 in it. Sorry for all the trouble.
  4. I have received a PM reply to a post. Now I can't find the PM. Where would it be on this forum?
  5. I have read the "rules for sellers" and will try to do this correctly. Item #1 tho, I can't do. I'm an old dude and the technology age has passed me by. I don't know how to post pictures. I will try to do everything else. My name is Ron VanZant. I live in Lanett, Alabama, USA. The kit has been opened (years ago) but is complete and un-started. everything inside is still sealed. PM and I will provide phone #. I am asking $50.00 plus actual shipping cost to you. If you are not happy, I will refund if you pay shipping back to me. I am open to questions. I do not have many posts but I have been a
  6. Coffee maybe or tea? Advise please.
  7. I wonder if the tissue that comes in boxes with new shoes would work for sails. I'm tempted to try it on my rebuild of Swift using the technique demonstrated by BE. The tissue is shiny on one side and dull on the other. Before I waste time on this, has anyone else every tried it?
  8. Keith, thanks for jumping in. I have been through your log several times from beginning to end for inspiration. I have no illusion that my rebuild will come close to the quality of your Swift or "Dark Side of the Moon"... For reference I have discovered that I have an old Model Shipways kit of "Katy of Norfolk". It is almost identical to Swift. I'm hoping that will be all I need along with Petersson's two book on rigging. I have cleaned up the old boat a little and offer a couple of pictures.
  9. Gary, you tried to help me with my Swift question so I'm going to try to return the favor. Page 24 of Petersson's book shows a single block on bottom of each side of the cap. Do you by chance have fax capability? I would be glad to shoot that page to you.
  10. Thanks for the offer Gary, but I'm going to follow the "Katy" plan mentioned before. It also shows the shrouds but I suspect that was just thrown it to add interest to the kit.
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