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  1. Hello Wayne, would recommend the book Anatomy of the Ship by Portia Takakjian as a quick reference. The book has data on Essex's mast/spar sizes as well as rigging layouts and associated details.
  2. Hello Jim, I took my usb drive to Gig Harbor Copy and Print on Judson St. (3110 Judson St. Gig Harbor, WA). Just print full size. They did a fantastic job. Also had them printout Chapter One on 32 pound paper, much easier to handle in the binder I put together for this build.
  3. Chuck, this is a fantastic series. Being a visual person, these videos really help simplify the planking process. Thanks again.
  4. Hello everyone, this will be my first scratch project. Will be taking my time on this. Ordered the plywood on Wednesday.
  5. Hello All, The start of my build log for Medway Longboat. Looking forward to the release of the kits.
  6. Hello hjx, You might want to edit your post, appears your card number is displayed at the bottom.
  7. I also ordered one this afternoon, Jim is going to be busy. Bill
  8. Hello All, this is to document my build of the 1:48 scale H.M.S. Triton Cross Section model. The journey begins. Bill
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