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  1. The Printer/Plotter uses roll paper up to 36" wide. I can get one for $922 here in South Africa. Andre
  2. Good Day I have the opportunity to get a well looked after HP Designjet T520 at a reasonable price. My question: Is it worthwhile to get your own printer/plotter or not? I can use it for other purposes as well. Thanks in advance for advice.
  3. Good Day "Rome was not built in one day" as they say. What I have done on my recent time-off at home, was to move the sprinkler system for the garden away from underneath my new workshop. On next time-off, will be throwing the floor and thereafter the walls and doors will be installed. Have a pleasant "building" day. Andre
  4. Good Day I bought a height adjustable table, put it together and mounted the building board. It's lowest is 60cm (2ft) and highest 123cm (4ft). Why did I not get one of these long ago, as the say - you need to crawl before you can walk. First photo is the lowest to the highest. The table will now move to my small build room from the garage until my new place is built.
  5. Hi Mike This is the only one available in South Africa. Is it the correct one?
  6. Thanks Mike Y. Could you please post a photo of the electric lifting table. Have never seen or heard of it. Thanks Andre
  7. Good Day Cannot wait to be home in 5 weeks to throw the concrete slab for the flooring of the new workshop. doing one thing at a time to get it done properly. Regards Andre
  8. Good Day and a Merry Xmas to all. Reading Hank's post and others about insulating the walls for heat and cold. The idea that I had was to place corrugated roofing on the outside and wood paneling on the inside. I then went browsing and found that we do have insulated panels Chromadek in South Africa. This is the way that I will now go. The ceiling will be normal ceiling board. Regards Andre
  9. Thanks Thibaultron Attached is a Google Earth photo of the position of my workshop. My property is 1666m2. Andre Carports.pptx
  10. Thanks for the advice Richard. I have a friend who is an electrician who will be doing all my circuits. as I have to get a COC for it otherwise it will not get insurance cover. The lights are all 1.2m (4ft) double row LEDs in the workshop and over the building area, I will have a Square bank of LED spotlights to provide enough lighting. I have found in the past you can never have enough lights .All our plugs boxes have 4 connection ports and will have one plug box under the work area. I am still looking at the idea of having the building stand being able to turn (if it is feasible) and there will be a plug box underneath it. The walls will be foam insulated panels which will provide enough protection against the cold ( max -3 degrees C in winter and 34 degrees C in summer. If need be, I can always install an AC unit for the work shop (long time and feasibility). There will an extractor fan built into the one wall of the machine area. With a lot of graphic businesses closing down, the A0 plotters/printers are selling for less than $1000, including spare ink and paper. I am interested in a plotter as I already have an A4 printer. I am still in the process of designing and any suggestions from the knowledgeable members is greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi All Thanks for the comments. There is no copyright on this, if it helps I am happy. I am planning to use a small vacuum clean use pipes will be reduced in size to about 15mm to get into tight places. I have include all the plans for the Work Area New Work Area.pptx
  12. Good Day I have recently extended my carport at home and now have an are 6mX4m which I am going to close for a workshop. I have drawn up a plan (attached) on how the layout will be. Please advise if it is correct or any modifications that need to be done.
  13. Castos


    Good Day I have been AWOL for some time now between work outside the country and the birth of my grandson. I am happy to be back with the knowledgeable folks. Whilst at Home, I have been preparing an area (6m X 4m) to be utilize as the future shipyard. I am in the process of doing the layout and will be posting it for comments and advice. Regards Andre

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