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  1. Good Day I ordered HMS Naiad Vol 1 from Seawatch books and until today I have heard nothing from them concerning my order. I have sent a mail to the address given on their website, nothing. Is there another way of contacting them? Thank you Andre
  2. Good Day Not much progress as I am having problems with F360. 1. Any action or task (drawing a line) takes from 4 minutes to forever to complete. This happens in both online and offline. 2. When trimming a line, my whole drawing goes skew and I get lines and angles that I never did. Waiting for an answer from helpdesk, but at this stage it is 75% that I will be going back to CorelDraw. My laptop has more than the requirements as specified and the internet is good. I have done a system clean up, Hard drives have more than enough space and have enough memory. Will keep you posted with the answer from Autodesk. Andre
  3. Good Day Progressing quite a bit and nearing completion. A problem I had was with the chainplates, as on the drawing it just shows lines and circles. I looked up the correct design for chainplates and will now update the plan I am redrawing. Andre
  4. Good Day I have been considering going back to AutoCAD or CorelDraw, but I will first complete what I have started in F360. Below is the same redraw, but done with CorelDraw. ST Redraw.pdf
  5. What I have done so far and drawing of a slot in F360. Drawing of circled finding the centre points for the slot slot is drawn and the circles are removed
  6. I have progress quite far with the redrawing and will put up some photos later. The only problem I have with F360 so far is that you cannot change the Line Colour. Line Type (broken, dotted, etc) and Line Weight. The tools are good to use if you think outside the box which I will highlight in the photos I put up. Cheers
  7. One thing I forgot to mention about the 3 point arc. I select two points on the line I want to recreate and then slide (like a slider) the pointer along the line until it matches the curve of the drawing.
  8. Good Day I came across a paper by "THE SAILING FRIGATES OF THE SPANISH NAVY 1600 – 1850 - IT’S TECHNICAL EVOLUTION By Enrique Garcia-Torralba Pérez" (Las Fragates de vela de la armada espanol 1600 - 1850) The question about the keel that I asked is correct, based on the drawings in this article. I love it when more people are using F360, which results in a better learning curve for us all) At Present I am redrawing the frame lines, deleting and redrawing, deleting and redrawing etc until it resembles the correct shape. I and using the 3 point arc tool as it can be manipulated to resemble the correct curvature of the frames. Cheers Andre
  9. Thanks to all for the helpful comments. DrPR: all my line drawings are perpendicular to the horizontal and vertical lines. Once I have completed the line drawings all will then realign all the lines . AP: as far as I know F360 used dwf and dwg formats. the only reason I used svg, was that I struggled to convert pdf/jpeg/cdr formats to be used in F360. Regards Andre
  10. Good Morning I have hit a snag with redrawing the Keel. In the attached photo, the plans show a 45 degree line to the inside and then it continues vertically. Is this correct? The horizontal line above is not part of the construction. I also found out that the ship has a list to Port of 1.6 degrees, which will be corrected once all the plans have been redrawn. I do not have my books with me only Dean's Doctrine of Naval Architecture and Steel's Books.
  11. Good Day After completing the lesson plans and working through additional books, I have now started to put this knowledge to use. I am using the body plans of Santisima Trinidad. Firstly, I had to convert the plans to a svg format (with CorelDraw) and then uploaded it into F360 (created a project, Body plan and parts by stage folders. 2nd Sketch: is the start of the outline, which I have redrawn and still busy with it. 1st Sketch: is the start of redrawing the lines. The "Caja de Forma" took a better part of 3 hours to draw, as the lines where not accurate. I measured the length and counted how many boxes are there. this gave me the basis on which to draw and should the last box be slightly bigger I tool the difference and re-divided it and continued until I got them all on the same dimension. I will continue redrawing and posting a log. As I am a novice to using CAD and redrawing plans, I beg of you all, to assist and tell me where I am going wrong. It will be greatly appreciated as this will also serve as an inspiration to others to take the plunge and learn, with the advice and assistance from the experts.
  12. The last couple of days and nightshift I worked through some exercises, which went well. No for the proof of the pudding to put the bit of knowledge into practice. I have the Plans for the 120 gun Montebello and converted it from a PDF file to SVG file for uploading. once uploaded I will start a new Post of redrawing the plans to do lofting. I feel that I am ready to attempt it and will be asking the experts for advice/solve a problem only if I cannot solve it myself, otherwise how am I going to learn. "You take a crash, you get back up and next time you succeed and that's a great feeling. "
  13. Starting to work through the below book as it has only practical exercises to do. After this, I will attempt uploading a ships plan and try to loft it. Still need a little bit more practice to understand the concepts better. Basics Tutorial.bmp
  14. Have completed the book and tutorial. Although I struggled to understand some of the concepts, I battled through the exercises. Some took a bit longer, but problem-solving helped. Not for quite a few practical exercise before I start my attempt at lofting plans. When I do, I will keep a log of what I do so that I can get assistance I where I go wrong. Cheers

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