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  1. Hi the learner It is an ET203 Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame. It is discontinued in South Africa. I think the lowest setting is 60cm with the highest setting 120cm. It is just the frame and I used 40mm MDF as the table top with T-slots. Cheers Andre
  2. Thanks Hank. I agree, but will have to wait until December went I return home from South Sudan. Cheers Andre
  3. Thanks all. The ceiling boards will be installed when I am home again. I need to redo the floors with epoxy paint then everything will move to the garage again. I winters are not the cold, maybe down to -2 but a normal winter temp is 6 degrees Celsius. I have a small fan heater which will do the task of keeping warm if required. On the shelf I have my Ipod music. What must still be fitted is my 29" computer screen. I have a A4 laser printer anything bigger will go to the printshop. Cupboards and light shelves will still be made.
  4. Good Day to all Back on the air after all the Covid shenanigans. I manage to build my shed (7m x 5m), installed tables and my equipment. Although it seems complete, the job is still not done, but the most important is there including a coffee machine and music. Regards Andre
  5. Thanks John for the assistance, will do so. At present I am redrawing to improve my skills at using ACAD. At present I have am experiencing to problems, viz., Joining of lines to ensure a smooth continuation and when drawing curved waterlines, as I draw them in sections. I do not know if this is the right way. I am using "Drafting Ship Plans in CAD" by Wayne Kempson and Russell Barnes's Interpreting Line Drawings. I have numerous books and research papers, that I bought over the years, amongst others Deane's Doctrine (see below picture) to use, but I we all have the be
  6. Good day Still redrawing and doing research on Spanish Shipbuilding and came across a lot of data for dimensions. If looking at the papers and documents I have researched, it seems to me that there was a lot of designs from Portugal (mainly) and then French and English influence. I also found out that the architect for the Santisima Trinidad was an Irishman. Now this makes one wonder if the ST was built according to the Spanish or English styles or a mixture of both. More research has to be done and thanks to the virus for the lockdown which has provided me with the opportuni
  7. Good Day Thanks for all the advice. I have been practicing my skills at redrawing and the more you do it the better it becomes. I will continue (drawing, deleting all the lines and then start all over again) like this until I am happy and that the lines, curves joints are fluid. I have included a photo. I am in South Sudan since the February and with the lockdown - time period unknown so I may as well use the time on hand to improve my capabilities and learn from all the Masters on this site. While researching I came the book on Spanish Shipbuilding La Arquitectura Nava
  8. Thanks for the assistance. What I have done so far is to read some of the blogs where redrawing of plans was done. I then started with redrawing a plan. At this stage I am still learning all about tracing - have erased and redrawn numerous times until I get it perfect and this is where a CAD program is handy. Imagine doing all this by hand. This is still a learning curve for me, which I will master. Once I have advanced to a higher level of tracing accurately I will start a blog, showing what I am doing and how I did it. Hopefully I will get advice from the members wher
  9. Thanks for all the replies I am going with Matrim's advice. Have progress quite a bit whilst on nightshift, with the redrawing of the lines. I now also understand Matrim's statement on warped paper, as I see it on the plans. Will start a topic shortly, so that I can get advice on where I am making mistakes and how certain things should be done. I am also making use of the write up EdT did in his book on drawing of plans, Thank you EdT, as well as the good people on this forum. Regards Andre
  10. Good Day All Hope everyone is putting the lockdown to good use by building. My question when redrawing plans (sketch included). it goes about lineweights and do I draw the line to cover the complete lines on the plans. Thanks in advance for the assistance. Lineweight redrawing.pptx
  11. The Printer/Plotter uses roll paper up to 36" wide. I can get one for $922 here in South Africa. Andre
  12. Good Day I have the opportunity to get a well looked after HP Designjet T520 at a reasonable price. My question: Is it worthwhile to get your own printer/plotter or not? I can use it for other purposes as well. Thanks in advance for advice.
  13. Good Day "Rome was not built in one day" as they say. What I have done on my recent time-off at home, was to move the sprinkler system for the garden away from underneath my new workshop. On next time-off, will be throwing the floor and thereafter the walls and doors will be installed. Have a pleasant "building" day. Andre
  14. Good Day I bought a height adjustable table, put it together and mounted the building board. It's lowest is 60cm (2ft) and highest 123cm (4ft). Why did I not get one of these long ago, as the say - you need to crawl before you can walk. First photo is the lowest to the highest. The table will now move to my small build room from the garage until my new place is built.
  15. Hi Mike This is the only one available in South Africa. Is it the correct one?
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