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  1. Completed build of masts and spars and half of the cannons with eyebolts on lines ready to be installed on deck. Will continue with remainder of cannons (7) then install them on the ship's deck prior to mast installation. Will also attach all blocks, upper shrouds, deadeyes, etc. to masts and bowsprit that I can while finishing the cannons and before mast installation and final rigging begins.
  2. can I ask what weight of the Gutterman thread you are using? I am thinking of trying my first attempt at serving on a Fair American of a similar scale?
  3. Completed most of the detail to the hull (eyebolts in various places, chess trees, gangway steps, belaying pins. cleats, etc.) Used a dowel and string to obtain estimates of shroud slants and installed lower deadeyes and chainplates. Mounted ship on display board. Completed rigging one gun carriage using technique I found on a Youtube video at www.youtube.com/c/Modelships for the Santisima Trinidad parts 37 and 38. Will now begin work on the masts and spars and try to get one gun carriage complete each day or two along the way. Only 13 more to go!!
  4. Added hatches, capstan, bits, pumps, binnacle, stairs, wheel, etc. Completed more work on cannons. Added belaying pin racks and began installation of channels.
  5. Added quarter deck rail, painted cannons, painted gun carriages and added quoins, fabricated the rudder and opened up the rudder port, fabricated the beak head, started some of the hull painting. Beak head was a chore and is sort of rough, wish it had been laser cut parts.
  6. Planked the internal bulwarks. Started construction of the cannons. Planked the decks, decided to use straight planking instead of tapered on the quarterdeck, taking the easy way out. Worked on the stern transom. Added bulwark cap rails and the fancy rails. Added the cabin bulkhead.
  7. Oops, sorry . I was watching the news when I started the log. I should have paid closer attention to what I was doing.
  8. This is the beginning of my build log for the 14 Gun Brig Fair American by Model Shipways. It starts with my planking the hull, as the steps up to that point were not recorded due to my fear of doing a build log after seeing the quality of the build logs presented on this site. I had stopped at that point in the build process because I was reviewing the existing build logs on this site for the brig; and was getting confused by the various ways the models were being built and how they differred from the instructions provided in the kit. I have a copy of Bob Hunt's practicum to follow (but I did
  9. I have a copy of the same kit but never started it. Will be following your build with great interest. Good luck!
  10. I was just part way through building the brig Fair American when I got engrossed with finishing the Danmark, so I will take up that where I left off which was planking the hull. I'll probably start a new build log for that now that I have some experience with keeping a build log on this forum. I was reluctant in the beginning due to a lack of experience and being intimidated by the quality of some of the builds on this site.
  11. I added ships boats and anchors and did a little touch up. I'm calling her complete! DANMARK.MOV
  12. yes, but it appears to be rather feeble. I was going to try using my woodworking profile duplication tool to copy the profile of the hull at two points about 25% from each end and then use that to make my own stand. I'll try the kit version first to see how steady it is. Thanks for the kind comments. My next project will be something simpler for a change of pace.
  13. Completed installation of the running rigging with the exception of the (I believe) halliards as it was getting to congested for my tastes and the kit was lacking the number of double blocks as shown on the plans. I made a few minor errors as well but the rigging is so complicated that no one I know would notice the errors and missing components without studying the plans. The running rigging that controls the sails was not included as I chose not to install sails. I think its beyond my abilities to put sails on a model of this complexity. I will try to take better pictures before completion
  14. I stepped the mizzen mast and installed its standing rigging. Installed lower yard on foremast and added fore lower yard lifts. I tried to secure the lines to the belaying pins the standard way but found it to difficult to accomplish with my skills at this scale so I am securing the lines by inserting the line thru its appropriate hole in the pin rack and then inserting the belaying pin to hold the line in place. Some of my standing rigging lines are not as taut as I would like. I've read where it is suggested to install all the lines but not to glue them in place until you have adjusted
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