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  1. I stepped the mizzen mast and installed its standing rigging. Installed lower yard on foremast and added fore lower yard lifts. I tried to secure the lines to the belaying pins the standard way but found it to difficult to accomplish with my skills at this scale so I am securing the lines by inserting the line thru its appropriate hole in the pin rack and then inserting the belaying pin to hold the line in place. Some of my standing rigging lines are not as taut as I would like. I've read where it is suggested to install all the lines but not to glue them in place until you have adjusted
  2. Thanks for the kind complement. It looks OK from about 3-feet but any closer and you can begin to see my many rough finishes. Having Parkinson's makes doing fine details a bit of a challenge. Hopefully I'll improve on my subsequent builds. Currently continuing work on rigging following member alpayed's rigging plan for the Danmark he was kind enough to provide to me. Only exception so far was the above deck shrouds which I thought would be easier to do before mounting the masts.
  3. I have an older version of the Billings Danmark Kit (circa 1975) which I am currently building. My sail plans show the various lines only as numbers. Yours appear to name the various lines but the resolution is not good enough to read. Would it be possible to load higher resolution copies of the plans you recently posted? I think the names of the lines might be more helpful in my efforts than just the numbers shown on my plans. My work does not compare to yours, but everyone has got to start somewhere and the parts and instruction from the 1975 kit leave a lot to be desired.
  4. Built and installed 114 turnbuckles. While placement isn't perfect, I'm looking at it as a learning experience. Hope to do better next time. Though I don't foresee building another ship model using this many turnbuckles for lines.
  5. Painted hull. Made masts (3) and first spar (yard) (of 15 to do). Takes a bit of time seizing each block rope. At least as I progress up each mast the spars get smaller with less blocks to contend with.It was a nice surprise to find the spars were already the correct length and pre-tapered.
  6. Cut out parts for masts and deck structures using scroll saw. Painted and stained deck structures and temporarily placed them in position to see how they looked. Reamer I bought to make holes worked but was very slow and tedious to get just the right size when making the holes for the deck structures and I wasn't looking forward to making the 72 holes needed for the hull. I measured the port-lights and bought a 5mm brad point drill bit. Now making a correct size hole using my hand drill took only a couple seconds instead of several minutes per hole. Drilled and installed all hull port holes u
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