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  1. The gentleman is clearly trapped in a Keanu Reeves movie where if he doesn't build his model fast enough, an entire bus full of people will explode. So it's not really such a laughing matter...
  2. That's an awfully nice looking deck, and personally one I would be very happy with as is. That's probably not helpful though. Have you applied any finish to it so far? If so, I expect that would have to be removed/ sanded out first. Do experiments off model of course, but you might find tung oil would make the colors and the seams a little darker and richer.
  3. Very nice. The paintwork came out lovely. It's a nice feature that you will be able to see through the windows.
  4. That's a great subject, and a beautiful model. The figures add a lot to it, and I love the glimpse of below deck detail.
  5. Beautiful work on the model, and I love the glass waterline display. A very elegant way to show the entire hull and still visualize it in its native environment. Well done.
  6. I'm following this with interest. I would find a complex solid hull build like this one very intimidating, but yours is coming along wonderfully.
  7. The model itself is looking beautiful, but moreover that is a fantastic photograph. Real eye candy there. Well done.
  8. Thanks VTHokiEE. Yes I think a lighter pencil would be a better way to go, and that is something I will play around with on a later build. For this one, I'll go forward without penciling the seams. And yes, I will be cutting the planks into shorter 'realistic' lengths. I'll try to use the color variation in the wood to let the joints stand out just a little. SpyGlass, I have a feeling you are going to be two builds down the line by the time I finish this thing. What other woods do you have available for the 2nd planking? Nothing wrong with the pearwood of course, I'm just curious
  9. Well, I've been engaging in what can only be described as a pretty ridiculous amount of hemming and hawing over the question of whether or not to emphasize the seams in the planking. Just when I thought I had made up my mind to continue as I began, coloring the sides of the planks with a pencil, I made an about face. I stripped off the planking at the stern and did it over again without the pencil. Better to explore the options now, while it's still early days. I do think it looks better this way. I tried to use some of the natural variations in the color of the wood to make sure that the sepa
  10. Thank you for the input guys. I expect this is as tight as the planking is going to look anywhere on the model, since it's the simplest surface. But we'll see. I'll continue with the pencil coloring of the seams and try to keep it as neat as possible. Next I need to figure out how to stagger the butts of the planks. I've seen lots of great examples of other people's work, but the hardest part for me to understand is the way the lengths of the planks nearest the bow are determined, as that will determine all the rest of the spacing. I'll start another thread in the planking message
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