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  1. Okay, that's pretty fantastic. Especially the fact that you made the rope yourself at Chatham!
  2. Great progress on a fascinating kit. But I have to ask - is there a large scale carronade in the background of the second photo?!
  3. Thanks very much Gregory and Derek, I appreciate the comments. And thanks for the likes guys.
  4. Wow, I guess I just assumed it was airbrushed because the finish was so nice. Even better.
  5. That is some extremely neat, crisp water lining. I would be terrified to bring an airbrush near the model, but your results look impeccable.
  6. Well, if I had the decision to make all over again, I'm not sure I wouldn't just go with the laser etched deck that came with the kit, and save myself some trouble. But at least it's done now and I can move on to another step. (And then come back to the deck to do a little more touch up after I've got some emotional distance from it...) Deck planking in basswood, varnished in Minwax water based Polycrylic - which is actually rather glossier than you can see in these photos. Next up: planking the inside bulwarks.
  7. Yes ditto, I've had shoulder physio and it's wasn't my favorite thing. But hopefully they will get you back in business quickly!
  8. It's an absolutely gorgeous finish, and I'm very glad to have this log to look through as I plod my way through my own build at a snail's pace. For tips and instruction, added details, and sheer inspirational eye candy, I couldn't ask for better. I too would like to take a crack at HMS Sphinx some day, and I am pleased to think that by the time I am finishing HMS Speedy, you'll be wrapping up that build!
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