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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, and for the recommendations for the Byrnes saw. It does indeed look like a great piece of equipment, and owning one will be a goal for me down the line. I know it will be extremely useful to be able to cut my planks in future. It's not workable for me right now, but when my budget and space have expanded a little I'll aim to get one. I did check with Ocooch - looks like a good source for lots of wood, though they don't have Alaskan cedar in stock at present. You sir have a deal! Joking aside, the point is well taken
  2. Hi folks. I'm trying to find a US supplier of Alaskan cedar planking strips, and am not having a great deal of success at the moment. I've been going through the list of vendors on this site, but so far have not had any luck. Cutting my own strips from larger blocks is not really an option for me. Even if I were prepared to put the money down on a saw, space limitations in my tiny apartment would prevent it. I received an order from the Lumberyard, but they were too thick and I have been told that's the best they can do. I know Syren supplies cedar, but they don't offer pre-cut pl
  3. That looks like a neat kit, and certainly a fascinating subject. You don't see a lot of models of WW1 subs around.
  4. Beautiful work, and I particularly love the way you've shaped the sail. A lovely piece all around.
  5. A very brief update here. I've done the bulk of the sanding of the first planking, and just need to do a little more fine tuning where a few bumps remain. I added a small amount of wood filler at the stern to smooth things out. I've never worked with Alaskan cedar before, but looking at some of the gorgeous examples of other modelers' projects I decided I needed to give it a try. The pear wood supplied in the kit looks to be of very nice quality, but I just prefer a lighter color. So I've placed an order for some. Meanwhile I'm watching videos on measuring and bending and shaping
  6. Thanks for the picture Derek, that is helpful. Did you sand the MDF adjacent to where the sternpost gets attached prior to beginning the planking?
  7. You're definitely right about the bumps SpyGlass. I'm currently working on removing those, and a few others as well. I'm relying on the thickness of that lime wood to wash away a number of sins. I admire your perseverance for restarting the build - it will be all the better for having had a practice run!
  8. I think mine is probably the least speedy of Speedys on this site, but I did finally manage to finish installing the 1st planking layer on the model. Now I'm sanding away at it to smooth it out. I bought myself an electric sanding mouse to help out with that part. I'd never used one of those before, so first I built myself a little test section from leftover scraps of limewood, so I could see how fast the sander ate it up. Fortunately it was slow enough not to cause alarm. I could make multiple passes over the same area, check it, and go back for more. The sander has made the process easier th
  9. Beautiful work. I never would have guessed that those sails were made of paper. The effect is excellent.
  10. Very beautiful work. I thought it must have been a much larger scale. The sails are very well done and add a lot to the model.
  11. What a great subject, and I love the interior detail especially. Really well done!
  12. I have a lot of fond memories of that game. Your models are an enormous improvement over the originals.
  13. You might try some of the Amati 25mm figures, which should be about the right size. You can see illustrations of them here: https://www.woodenmodelshipkit.com/product-tag/crew/ Note that the first 6 figures on that page are 35mm, or about 1/48. The 25mm figures follow. I painted up a couple of the 1/48 figures to stand in my Model Shipways longboat, and was happy with the quality. The proportions are nice, the detail decent. You can see them in the gallery from my profile page, if it helps to see painted examples.
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