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  1. Ahh... Tim, perfect. Now I understand the question on painting versus not. I'd assume a stain will reveal the contrast.
  2. Hello... I'm new to ship modeling and just following along on your build. You had mentioned a graphite treatment. I tried looking that up and didn't find that term. What is the graphite treatment? Sorry if this is a basic question. Rob
  3. Your ship is amazing! The amount of weathering is just right and not over done. Really, really nice! Rob
  4. Although I'm new to model ships, I do have many years use with airbrushing on scale planes. Yes, there is over spray, but you can also get different nozzle/needle sizes for a wider or narrower spray. This can also help with over spray. All depend on the airbrush. In some cases when I'm doing a quick light weathering, I'll use a number 1 needle and don't need the booth. But I do love my small booth.... Rob
  5. Captain Al... I've just started my journey in Model ship building, and this was my first model of choice. So, just waiting for it to arrive. Your detail on the build is unbelievable and will help a newbie like me for sure. So, hopefully you all won't mind me asking a question, or two, along the way.. Rob
  6. Well, vaddoc... I'm hoping not too big... My wife is already concerned that my model planes are taking up a lot of room... It's funny though, I don't seem concerned... I do have to admit, some of the "giant" ship models I've seen on here are fabulous. A true passion and dedication of time. But... knowing I'm years away at even attempting one of that caliber, I'm enjoying the start of the journey nonetheless. Rob
  7. Chris, Excellent advice. Believe it or not, that's exactly why I selected the Mayflower. I took a tour of the Mayflower replica in Plymouth, Massachusetts many years ago, and was completely fascinated. The ship, the journey... the complete story. Buy, you're right, I need to go back to what's of interest to me. I really like your choice of the Santa Maria.... hmmm. now that may be a good for my list. Rob
  8. Hey Chris, well... I ordered a Model-shipways Mayflower, but received notice that is was backordered. So I guess I'm back to looking again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Do you think the OcCre, Buccaneer Caribbean Ship Kit, 1/100 Scale would be good? Rob
  9. Hi Geoff... Absolutely.. my name is Rob and I'm from Northern Illinois, here in the US.
  10. I was introduced to model building as a young child in the late 60’s watching my father build RC planes from scratch. I naturally gravitated towards planes, but built several plastic ship models as a youth. Today, I still build and fly giant scale RC planes, but for many years have wanted to build ships. There’s just something that attracts me to them. So, I’ve been reading as much as possible and have decided to jump in. I’m an experienced builder for planes, but a true novice on ships. So, I joined MSW to meet some friendly folks and learn. Just looking around the site I’m simply amazed
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