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  1. Good evening Borek, Thank you for sharing this with us. It looks very inspiring. Best regards, Hans Peters
  2. Good afternoon Ab, I recognize the pictures made by you son from the NVM, as a inhabitant of the city Hoorn (NL) these pictures has an extra significance for me. This because of the link between Hoorn and the development of the shiptype "Fluit". Thanks or sharing, they are a real piece of art. Best regards, Hans Peters
  3. Good morning Ab, Your book "Modellen vertellen" (English "Message in a Model") was fun to read. I hope you will produce more of that. I hope you will share your knowledge, we like to learn. Best regards, Hans Peters
  4. Hello Marcus, It's good to see that you are building this vessel, I am building the wijdschip out of the same book. This because at the start of the chapter of this book you see that this vessel is sailing past the town I live nowadays (Hoorn) and the trade I am working in (Inland shipping over the dutch- and belgian waterways). In my opinion I am not good enough to show my progress at this forum. If you are searching for more building plans of dutch vessels mabye you can use the site of the NVM (www.modelbouwtekeningen.nl). This is a dutch society/club o
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