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  1. Made a little progress tonight in marking the hull template locations as well as some rough shaping work Here are some before and after photos of removing the carving lugs from the hull. It’s amazing how fast a rotary tool removes wood. Still in the rough shaping phase but moving along
  2. @KHauptfuehrer thank you! The homemade lathe utilizing a carpenters drill worked very well to make the gaffs and booms. Your Constitution is absolutely a work of art by the way. Incredibly impressed
  3. @RickyGene I do agree that their kits are sometimes expensive, but at least in my experience, the customer service has more than made up for the cost. I officially started the build tonight. Pretty much all I accomplished was to cut out the hull templates and assemble the hull cradle but “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” as they say. Also, opened up the laser cut parts and I was very impressed!
  4. @ccoyle actually I agree! I found being able to reference other people’s build logs of the same ship to be hugely helpful. @Jonathan11 Thank you! I am excited for it
  5. For my next model ship I chose the BlueJacket USS Perry - a brig that was heralded as “the fasted ship in the navy” when it was launched. I chose this model to continue building my skills, in general ship construction as well as copper plating and more complex rigging. The kids has a machine carved basswood hull, an extensive laser cut wood kit, many cast fittings, a rigging kit, and quite a few photo etched parts as well. I also ordered the optional paint kit, photo CD, and copper plates. The kit comes in a heavy cardboard box with a color label with a description of the ship. After copper plating the Revenue Cutter I am excited to try my hand again with my additional learnings. The kit contains a number of well done cast fittings. With the Revenue Cutter only having three different sizes of rigging this is certainly a step up! The color instruction manual is very detailed with many great illustrations to complement the photos on the photo CD. The book begins with a nice photo of the completed ship. Super looking forward to diving into this model! Also, I believe this is the first build log of this particular model so I would really appreciate peoples input and comments as I move along.
  6. @GrandpaPhil thank you! @ccoyle thank you! And thanks for the compliment on the DVII! It’s actually by fiddlers green and was a fun build
  7. Posting some finished photos of the Revenue Cutter. Overall super happy with how it turned out!
  8. @MrBlueJacket thank you! I stained the case kit as well and I am picking up the glass this afternoon so I should be able to take some high quality photos to share (hopefully tonight). Really learned a ton on this kit btw!
  9. So calling the revenue cutter finished. I still need to finish the case as well as take some high quality photos but finished the rigging tonight. Super happy with how it turned out!
  10. Made a little more progress last night on the rigging. Continuing to chug away!
  11. @AndyXO sorry I missed your posts! I don’t have any photos beyond just what I have so far. I’ll be sure to post as I make it through though. Also, the other build logs may perhaps have photos that are further along.
  12. @RickyGene thank you so much! I really had no idea what I was doing on most of this build so I am glad people think it’s turning out so nice. I think the addition of a power tool and plenty of time made the hull go well. The copper plates I am most proud of and, considering my inexperience, actually look pretty good! Looking forward to your build log when you start. Made some progress tonight on boom, gaffs, deadeyes, and boom traveler. The combination of very clear plans and and detailed instructions make it a fairly straight forward task. It’s my first time rigging so I am glad that there haven’t been any surprises.
  13. Made some more progress on the bowsprit and masts tonight. Also, I finished the last wooden piece in the entire kit! So now it’s just a matter of rigging and assembly. Getting close!
  14. Thanks so much @RickyGene! The Perry showed up this last Friday and it looks like an awesome kit! Once I finish the revenue cutter I’ll be sure to start a build log. Being a bit more complex of a model I am sure I’ll ask for advice here. Anyways, made a little bit of progress today on the boom and gaffs.

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