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  1. Made quite a bit of progress today! Painted and installed the gun port lids (both the open and closes ones). The hinges that are included actually look great. I test fit the cannons and carronades to see how they looked. I installed both Main Deck Fife rails as well as the Forecastle Deck Pin Rail. I also installed the cat heads. I actually cut them in two pieces to avoid cutting through the hull. I installed all the channels/pin rails as well. This took a while to clean out the slots where they penetrate the hull. I was somewhat careless when painting and paid fo
  2. Made some additional progress today on installing the Riding Bitts, Skylights, Windlass Barrel, Bilge-pumps, and Galley Stack. I also mounted the cannons and carronades to their carriages. Next up on the gun port covers, car heads, fife rails, deck pin rails, and channel pin rails.
  3. Made some more progress this afternoon! Assembled, painted, and installed the cabin doors as well as the stairways. Next I removed a number of laser cut components and primed them. I also primed and painted a number of cast metal deck fittings including the windlass and skylight roofs. Trying to keep up the slow steady progress!
  4. Thank you! I am actually quite proud of the copper platting on this ship. My first foray into copper plates was on the Revenue Cutter and learned a lot (read made plenty of mistakes). Going to try and continue with the regular progress!
  5. Started off by installing the trim molding on the stern of the ship as well as the cabin windows. Next up was assembling the ladders. I primed them after this picture. Finally I mounted the various deck grates and long boat. I also assembled the long boat decking. I also mounted the various eye hooks for the cannons. Next up is just continued work on the deck fittings!
  6. More progress this weekend! I touched up the paint on the hull and removed the masking from the deck to begin the details there. Painted the cannons and carronades as well as some of the deck grates.
  7. Another slow but productive day on the Perry! Primed the cannons and carronades. Painted the cap rails as well. Trying to make regular progress!
  8. Finally back at it! Spent a little time getting up to speed at where I had left the model and just getting myself re-acquainted with the plans. Next I installed the cap rails and inner bulwarks moldings. Next I collected a number of pieces I anticipated needing to prime and primed them. A slow day but back to making progress
  9. @ahb26 Thank you! A number of crazy things this year but hoping to get back into this project over the long weekend! I haven't forgotten about it
  10. Looking forward to watching your build! It’s a wonderful kit that is a great way to build your skills!
  11. Thank you for the compliments! The plates really make the model so engaging to look at. Do you have a build log? Would love to follow along
  12. After examining the hull again I realized that one half of the waterline was in the wrong spot This resulted in me needing to remove a couple rows of plates, re-mask, paint, and re-install with new plates another row. A little frustrated at my mistake but it’s fixed now. On to making progress again!
  13. Finished off the copper plating on the rudder! This completes all for copper plating on the model which feels like an accomplishment for sure!
  14. Although I didn’t have a lot of time tonight I am trying to make at least consistent progress. A few copper plates but making a little progress is better than no progress.
  15. Hi @stevenmh and @Osmosis, could you possibly explain the difference between blackening britannia and just painting it? The reason I ask is I have a number of Britannia fittings on my current build that will need to be colored black at some point. On my previous builds I painted them but perhaps the blackening you mention will provide a superior finish. Thank you!
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