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  1. Was traveling for work for a couple weeks so glad to be back at it on the Revenue Cutter. Made some more progress this evening on the plating. Using a clamp to keep things flat as I glue the plates on. Any my recommendations on how to do this on the main part of the hull? Also, cut a ton more plates out
  2. Making slow but steady progress. I began with plating the bottom of the keel. I used a small amount of super glue and then rolled the plates flat with the metal handle of an x-acto knife. I also used an x-acto knife to cut the plates from their sheet. Definitely a learning experience!
  3. Starting the copper plating today! I did a bunch of reading on the forum and found this nice thread about plating: My current plant is the follow the instructions in the thread and make three rows of plates parallel to the waterline and the rest based on the keel. I should hopefully get some progress photos by the end of the day.
  4. Thank you! The kit is actually super well done - I am definitely learning a ton on it though
  5. @MrBlueJacket yes, I had meant True North paints. They were the paints included in the Revenue Cutter paint kit
  6. Made some great progress painting the hull tonight. I’ve switched the Great North paints and I find them much easier to airbrush than Testors. Not sure if I have gotten better with the airbrush or just the better paint.
  7. Thanks so much @vossiewulf for the suggestion. I’ve ordered a roll via your link. The masking tape was a pain around those curves so I am sure the 3M tape will be a huge improvement.
  8. Had a work trip for the last couple weeks so just getting back to this. Built up the waterline jig jig that was included with the kit and marked the waterline. In order to get it level I had to shim the base just a little. In the photo is also a clamp but I used super glue to attach the pencil as the instructions recommend. I then masked along the waterline. I’ll paint it a copper color tomorrow in preparation for copper plating. It took a little while to mask though because of the substantial curves of the hull - or maybe due to my lack of experience. The coper plates showed up too and look super good!
  9. Thank you @RichardG! I actually purchased copper plates from Bluejacket which I believe already have a nailing pattern on them. USPS shows that they should be delivered today so hopefully I can get a start on it this weekend. I forgot to take a picture but I added another coat of black to the hull and its looking great. I'll try and mask the waterline tonight.
  10. Thank you @RichardG for the compliment and the advice! I looked at your build log and your coppering and it will be super helpful. Thank you!
  11. First light coat of black paint on the hull. Next up is a couple more light coats of black and then masking the waterline and painting below the waterline copper. Aside from reading other build logs here, is there a good source people recommend to read on learning the best way to apply and pattern the copper plates?
  12. Thank you Nic! For anyone else looking at this thread I have decided to copper plate the hull of the revenue cutter. I have never copper plated a hull before so I'll definitely be reading other logs and looking for advice. While the copper plates are being shipped I plan on painting the hull as per the plans (black above the waterline and copper below). I saw in another build log how useful it was to paint the hull coper so that any potential gaps aren't obvious.
  13. I know it doesn’t look like a lot of progress but it’s four passes of sanding, adding putty, sanding, priming etc. I also used progressively finer sandpaper - going from 120 grit, all the way to 400 grit. I also primed and sanded the rudder. Next up is re-drilling the rudder hole, making one last sanding pass then priming and painting the hull black.
  14. After a couple passes of sanding and priming my transom repair isn’t looking too bad! Obviously needs some more work but it’s a start for sure.

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