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  1. Thanks @Heinrich der Seefahrer for all of the great advice! I was going to ask for what to do with the tarnished plates on the hull. Do you have a link to the benzol wash you are thinking of? Maybe Amazon link? I think that would be super helpful in restoring the luster to the plates. I have a copy of Chapelle's book (which I believe the plans for this kit originated from). I'll read through it to see what I can find as it relates to the false keel. Thanks so much for the pro tip! Thank you for the compliment and the advice! I'll try the recommendation for emphasizing each separate plank. Also, everyone else, thanks for all of the likes!!
  2. Made some more progress this evening on some small details. The first detail was sanding the cradle a but a bit so the keel would fit in again. The keel is now a little bit thicker because of the copper plates. I bent and and installed the brass boom traveler into place. I have a cutting mat with one inch squares on it so it made bending the corners at an inch per the plans super easy. I also cut off the extended bass on the backside and used a bit of touch up paint to cover the brass. Next was painting the copper part of the rudder to prepare for the copper plates. I should have done this earlier but forgot. I held it upright with a clothes pin for easier painting. I then measured, cut and began priming the wales. They are laser cut to shape and match the hull and deck perfectly when bent - a great touch by Bluejacket. I then applied a couple copper plates to the rudder being careful to cut, bend, and dry fit each plate before gluing. After coppering the hull I feel like I have learned a ton in the skill.
  3. Had some unexpected time this evening and finished the plating! One major difference I made this time was starting in the middle and working my way out to ensure an even overlap between each set of plates. For my first time ever copper plating and only my third model ship I am pretty happy with it
  4. Thanks @Cathead! I totally will be doing that on future builds. Made a a little more progress this weekend. The first pass on both the top and bottom take the longest. Also, cutting the plates along the keel takes a while because of the various curves. Overall happy with the progress!
  5. Finished half the hull of copper plating and started on the second half. I suspect the second half will look much better (it’s already looking better) so I may have to be clever in displaying the finished model. Honestly its it’s very rewarding to look at the completed plates.
  6. Made some more progress this weekend on the plates. I feel that as I continue I keep getting better at shaping and applying the plates. When the intersect at the bow and stern they need to be cut to match properly which takes way more time than I would have guessed. Anyways, learning a ton and looking forward to putting plates on my next model I work on as well.
  7. Thanks guys for the tips! I'll see if I can get some of the cutters that were recommended. Going to try and make some more progress tonight
  8. Applied a few more plates tonight along the keel. I have found that getting them to set flat is actually a bit of a pain. What I have been doing to fix this is dry fitting them and bending them more or less into shape before gluing them on. Do people have better thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  9. Have been crazy busy busy this summer but made a bit of progress on the plates tonight. I know they don’t look perfect but I am learning a ton!
  10. Was traveling for work for a couple weeks so glad to be back at it on the Revenue Cutter. Made some more progress this evening on the plating. Using a clamp to keep things flat as I glue the plates on. Any my recommendations on how to do this on the main part of the hull? Also, cut a ton more plates out
  11. Making slow but steady progress. I began with plating the bottom of the keel. I used a small amount of super glue and then rolled the plates flat with the metal handle of an x-acto knife. I also used an x-acto knife to cut the plates from their sheet. Definitely a learning experience!
  12. Starting the copper plating today! I did a bunch of reading on the forum and found this nice thread about plating: My current plant is the follow the instructions in the thread and make three rows of plates parallel to the waterline and the rest based on the keel. I should hopefully get some progress photos by the end of the day.

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