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  1. After examining the hull again I realized that one half of the waterline was in the wrong spot This resulted in me needing to remove a couple rows of plates, re-mask, paint, and re-install with new plates another row. A little frustrated at my mistake but it’s fixed now. On to making progress again!
  2. Finished off the copper plating on the rudder! This completes all for copper plating on the model which feels like an accomplishment for sure!
  3. Although I didn’t have a lot of time tonight I am trying to make at least consistent progress. A few copper plates but making a little progress is better than no progress.
  4. Hi @stevenmh and @Osmosis, could you possibly explain the difference between blackening britannia and just painting it? The reason I ask is I have a number of Britannia fittings on my current build that will need to be colored black at some point. On my previous builds I painted them but perhaps the blackening you mention will provide a superior finish. Thank you!
  5. Another night with slow progress. Just had time to paint the copper base layer in the rudder. Next up is (what I anticipate will be) the last bit of copper plating on the model. I am still amazed at how much better this plating turned out than my last attempt.
  6. Made a little progress tonight painting the rudder. I realized I should have done this when I painted the hull. Next up will be painting a base layer of copper underneath where the copper plates will go on the rudder. Also, thanks everyone for the likes!
  7. Thank you @MrBlueJacket! Made a tiny bit of progress today on the bulwarks detailing as well as rudder finishing. Hoping to continue this progress throughout the week.
  8. Finished the copper plating on the main hull! Although a pale shadow of some other models on this site I am actually quite happy with the results. A vast improvement over my previous work on the Revenue Cutter. Next up are the forcap rails general bulwarks detailing. Also, I need to copper plate the rudder as well. On another note, Bluejacket sent me a new instruction manual with the previously indicated errors fixed which I thought was really an awesome customer service gesture! Especially at no cost
  9. More progress on copper plating! Mostly starting with the main open area and will fill in the custom cut pieces all at once.
  10. More progress on plating tonight! I have found that shaping each plate before flying it down allows the plates to sit much flatter and look way nicer. Overall happy with the progress!
  11. More progress this afternoon around the bow and along the keel.
  12. The quality of your copper plating is beyond imagination. Incredible work! I just started plating mine and will definitely use your spectacular work for inspiration.
  13. Starting the copper plating process tonight! It is a little bit slow but super rewarding. Next step is just more plating
  14. Marked the waterline with the included waterline marking jig. Next I masked off the waterline with rubber pin-striping tape to more easily follow the contour of the waterline. This was an awesome tip a follow forum member provides during my last build. Next I used normal masking tape to mask off the remaining above water portion of the hull. Finally I painted it copper as a background layer for the copper plating which will come next.
  15. Masked off the gunport stripe and painted the entire hull flat black. Next up is marking the waterline and painting below the waterline copper. After that it will be time for some copper plating.

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