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  1. I don't know yet! I need to think - recommendations are very much appreciated! Thank you! The USS Perry is now in my office across the room from the Revenue Cutter!
  2. Thank you! Very happy with the results! It will look great in the office with the Revenue Cutter to match
  3. It was really a wonderful build that I learned so much on!
  4. I finished the ratlines and a number of other small details and hung the flag! Although I need to add a number of rope coils I am calling her finished for now since I am moving next week and she needs to get placed in my office for safe keeping. Overall so incredibly happy with how the Perry turned out. I learned so much on this build and am glad that the she didn’t turn out as the USS Putty! Would really recommend this kit to someone looking to improve their skills.
  5. More progress over the long weekend! Hung the anchors and tied the lower ratlines. A little slow but it’s really coming along
  6. More progress this weekend on the rigging. Not shown, but the case kit arrived and I stained it. Nearly complete!
  7. Spent quite a bit of time today nearly completing the running rigging! Next up will be a little more running rigging and then the standing rigging.
  8. Made quite a bit of progress today on the upper shrouds and installing the yards! Needed to improve a clamp for the yards… Still haven’t tied off any of the lines yet as I am waiting until all are installed to ensure they can be tightened together.
  9. Rigged the lines to the booms and gaffs last night. Going to keep chugging and making steady progress!
  10. Some progress today on the Perry! Installed the deadeyes on the ship as well as the shrouds and back stays for both main and fore mast. Getting the lanyards even such that the dead eyes were level and shrouds taught was a time consuming endeavor.
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