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  1. Looking Good... I'm finally back to model building after a loong break due to family issues. It's good to be back. Currently working on generic 200:1 build of Victory and about to start a generic kit of the Newport. I realise these kits are somewhat limited but I need the practice before I return the Endevour, which has been on hold for quite some time. After that it's a vintage Vasa kit!! I'm having trouble getting the color scheme for the Newport. Do you, or other members have any info on the paints I need? great to be back at last!!
  2. Hi guys, haven't been doing much lately. I wrecked both my shoulder and finger.!! It's a bit hard to work on the Endevour at the moment but I keep an eye on the logs. I hope to be back into the action pretty soon.
  3. Wow!! really looking good. I love the masking before painting and it reminds of how my dad, the spray-painter, used to prep cars for painting. Now why didn't I think of that
  4. Well I moved further on with the Gunwales and in fact probably moved too far as if i'd read the (3 lines) of the instructions more closely, I would have seen that I shouldn't have started on aligning the tops of the Gunwales this soon! Anyway, I'll move on to adding some balsa to the bow and stern and start work on the first planking strip. Hopefully I'll be able to fix up any damage, if not as one learned person on this site said.. 'it's only wood and you can always rip it off and start it again".. or at least words to that affect. I've attached some photos of my work to date on the gunwales. What a learning experience but it's a great journey of discovery
  5. Hi Alistair, thanks heaps for your advice and please don't stop them.. it may worry me a little but best to know earlier rather than later. Also as Sjors wrote.. "We are building for our our pleasure and not for a museum." That is so true and the minute I get too stressed with my hobby.. I should stop and do something else. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the challenge and the fantastic advice and encouragement I receive here. Thanks all
  6. I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle the hull planking! I've been reading the very good guide on hull planking from this site.. but the comments about "Stormy Seas" are making me nervous. Still this is my first build and a real learning experience. I hope I don't need it but what is the 'filler' mentioned by Mick. I hope also to have an update soon as I'm waiting for paints and balsa to arrive.
  7. Thanks Mick, I've ordered the Cardercraft set and after seeing the colours you've set up, I'm happy with them. Thanks for the help Rob
  8. Hi Mick, good advice.. I think I'll assemble then use masking tape to paint. Still waiting for my paints to arrive, so your advice will help me move on with my build.
  9. Thanks Mick, yes, it seems the kits can differ by quite a bit, I'm now taking it a bit carefully because the hull planking looks really difficult. As advised by Capt Slog I will spend some time reading the articles before I commit. I thought building a wooden model ship would be relaxing.. not stressful!!
  10. Thanks Rowand, same here miserable weather gives me something to do on the kit. I'm playing around with adding the keel and getting set up for first planking. I like the idea of adding some balsa filling to the bow and stern as Adrieke has done. It looks good and I think should support the planking. I feel I'm getting to the scary stuff now as I've never planked a hull before.. looks really complicated!!
  11. Hi Adrieke, thanks for the advice on the gunwales. It is most appreciated. I would also like to thank you for mentioning no build log in my signature. I have now rectified this and I hope you don't mind but I used yours as my template.
  12. Hi Rowand, I'm enjoying watching your build log.. what a shame work gets in the way of the really important stuff!! I'm looking forward to the next stage. cheers,
  13. Sorry to hear about your leg I hope it works out for you. I have a build log going already.. you're welcome to check it out

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