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    How to improve the look of the model, and make is look period and location correct

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  1. Welcome Bold move, ask questions and read You may get frustrated but that is half the fun with your first model This could be the start of a life long passion
  2. Beautiful Ship and welcome
  3. Welcome to the group 🙂 The ship that is my new project is missing the English instructions and the box is beat up. Has pictures and french instructions so can get help with translation. Lucky they print size; measurements and have drawings even if i can not read the words. Is this your first ship? if so hope you find a copy of the instructions with the help of the customer service.
  4. Learning every day, This is a great place for that; Welcome
  5. Have a friend that has a exhaust fan on his work spray booth, maybe we could add this feature. send the exhaust out the wall? may try to do this and also use a mask just in case.
  6. like this idea at 1/48th scale a really fine needle may work; hard to get but my wife is a community health care worker maybe I have a way
  7. Welcome we all need to stay healthy, seems to me working on our hobby is a great way to do this especially now.
  8. Have been doing some research. Some museums want money to help but had some luck. They would fill the hold with fish sail to say to France sell the ship and the fish in the hold and get a ride back to build the next ship. Also learned that the hull boards were put on with tree nails from 1700 to 1770 east coast. Did not know what they where talking about so went on line for a search to learn about tree nails. I have 6000 square nails for a future project LOL. The variations of the design was popular around PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Maine. Did not find one the same and thi
  9. Great idea for future!!!! Will use this for some parts of the current model but just learn the the fishing schooner that is in the works was built with tree nails. Did some reading to find our what they were talking about. Thought that nails would be hard but you made that task better now how do I make all the tree nails? Maybe I can just glue the boards and fake them?
  10. The Vallejo's air paints how thin are they? need fine material to run though the Badger 100 extra fine brush.
  11. Do you know if acrylics run through a badger 100 extra fine photo dye brush? if so may work for my current equipment also it looks like nitrogen bottle is not needed, just the little compressor which will save some cost.
  12. I have a couple of photograph dual-action retouching air brushes and hope to just put very fine dies through and add some colour to the model as I go and not cover the grain of the wood. One is a Badger 100 extra fine with quick fit cups the can be swapped. Your Grex should work great, some units can work better for painting models and yours maybe one of those. Will you use oil based paint in your brushe? or Water based paints as they may have less fumes? Noticed that the finish used from just above the water line to the keel on authentic vintage ships was either copper clad for a of
  13. Like to see this schooner, looks great. The view of the "Rigging" only gets me wanting to learn more.

    The new model was for free: but the extra costs of additional tools, and materials to complete it makes it anything but free lol.

    Learning a lot from reading on this site.  Hope the new project looks half as good as the average model I have been viewing on this site.

    I will take pictures as I go. 


    With my retirement coming up soon more time will be available.

    Will continue to work part time, camp, hunt local orchids in the bush, and enjoy our grandchildren.

    As a carpenter, artist and photographer have some old tools that will help along the way. 



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