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  1. Thanks everyone, for all the information. I see that I had completely forgotten terms I learned in the first two builds! Of course, the instructions make much more sense, now that I know what they are talking about! My bad... I'm going to go back and relearn the terms before proceeding. (Thanks for your patience with me!) And Cathead, I totally agree with Keith, its an excellent diagram!
  2. Thanks Skibee! Hi again, Keith & Steve! This might be a slow build, since I have other things to attend to, but I wanted to get started, and I appreciate the company as I start on yet another huge learning curve!
  3. I knew I'd have questions right away! So the hull measures about 1/8" too long (as noted in the instructions). But the instructions tell me to remove this extra 1/8" from the stern? When I put it up against the templates, it looks like I should remove this extra wood from the KEEL, not the stern. Is this correct? Should i remove the excess from the KEEL, instead of the stern? It seems reasonable to trim the KEEL to match the template. But want to ask you all if this is correct?
  4. Starting my 3rd model! I know I'll have LOTS of questions for the forum about this one, but I'm excited to begin! First step, check out the kit contents and do a complete inventory. So far, so good!
  5. I haven't started my Phantom build yet, but yours is looking really good! I'll be referring back to it often when I begin! Nice job on all the sanding, cutting, whittling!
  6. I started reading the instructions for the Phantom. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of rounding, shaping, etc, so the drill will come in handy (I need to start practicing!) Speaking of practice, my golf game needs a lot of it! But I enjoy it, and every game there's that "one amazing shot" that keeps me coming back to it!
  7. Keith, thanks for explaining the procedure! I understand what you're saying now. And, as part of my household tools, I actually do have a drill. It goes forward and backward, and the speed is regulated by the pressure I put on the trigger, so I'm assuming it can be called a variable speed drill. I will begin practicing with it! (Mostly, I use it to drill holes for picture hanging, or other little home repair jobs around the house, although I'm not very "handy" when it comes to house maintenance!) Thanks again for all the encouragement. My new Phantom model kit arrived today. I'll probably take some time off before starting it, as the Kansas heat & humidity has finally abated somewhat, and the plan is to play a lot of golf in the nice weather!
  8. Ok, NOW I get it! So in your photo above, you held a jewelers file against the round dowel to shape it. That seems hard to do, freehand. I'm assuming you held the file in your hand, maybe supporting it somehow. OR did you hold the ndrill in your hand, and move it against some sandpaper or a file? Or was it a two-handed operation - where you had the drill in one hand, and used the file in the other hand? I thought I had it, but now I'm confused again! (By the way, the gun looks great!)
  9. I confess, I'm not quite sure how to use a drill to shape masts and spars. How is it used? (Clearly, I will need lots of practice, since I can't even visualize how to use one yet!).
  10. Hi Steve. Just noticed you were building the Dory. She looks beautiful! So clean, crisp, and the paint looks great! Wow!
  11. I bought a dremel rotary tool (with a flexible shaft extension), but I haven't used it yet. Would it serve a similar purpose as the cordless drill?
  12. It's DONE! After a little flurry of work to re-do the rigging, it's all come together, and its done! Wheeeee! Happy that it's finished, but a little sad too, as i've enjoyed doing it and communicating with you all as I've gone thru this process. Thanks to everyone for the likes, comments, and the encouragement. You kept me going! Special thanks and a shout-out to: @Keith Black - your kind words and humor were a highlight! @druxey - thanks for all the encouragement! @Tigersteve - thanks for the recommendation - the Model Shipways Phantom is on its way and will be my next build! @Cathead appreciated your words of wisdom regarding finishes and other build advice! And thanks to many others who have commented and watched my progress. It has been very much appreciated! I've learned so much, and I can see all the flaws in this build, but I am happy with it, and will take what I've learned into the next project! (and the dog has been helping me out too )
  13. Keith, I think I will have LOTS of sweet fruit after all the work on this Pram! Teehee! Steve, I really like the "look" of the Pilot Boat, and its a much better price! But where can I find the practicum? I searched this site, but couldn't find anything from him on the Pilot Boat, although I found numerous other postings/writings/blogs of his. (Admittedly, I am not very adept at finding things online!) (Update - I just realized the "practicum" pdf's are included with the Instructions in the kit!) Starting over with the mast. Vertical is better now!
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