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  1. Almost ready to paint. Can't believe I've made it this far! Attached bands, risers, gunwale, breast hook, and frame head irons. (those were difficult. I used a yellow playing card to make the little pieces, and without the right tools they aren't exactly identical, but I wanted to practice doing tiny piecework.) I'll need more practice. Inserted thwarts (just to see if they would fit). Thwarts 2 and 4 came out of the kit looking identical, so I trimmed the sides to fit the opposite ends of the boat. Also, thwart 1 was too long (I mad
  2. You're right, Keith! It looks better from a normal viewing distance! So I put on the bands and the risers, tried to sand it down to look like the picture in the book, and then cut back the frame tops to get ready for the gunwale. I'm trying to be a bit more careful, and a lot more patient! But giving up for tonight, as my eyes are bleary from staring at this! I already wear progressive lens glasses, but I may need to get some magnifiers too! Tried to show my close-up like the pic in the book. I ended up doing more sanding on the top of the sheer, after seeing this pic. n
  3. Hi Cathead, I sure hope that's true, because there's a multitude of mistakes on this! But I appreciate what you are saying, and yes, I am VERY happy that this kit was only $49! (And with tools, since I didn't have any, it seemed like the best choice!) So I went ahead and replaced part of the broken frame with a newly carved piece, and it seems to look ok. And as you said, the end result hopefully will result in a good "overall impression", if people don't look too closely at the details! (I have friends who are amazed that I'm even attempting this!) A little bit croo
  4. @Ryland Craze@Keith Black Once again, thank you for your encouragement! I really didn't think there was much I could do, but you've inspired me! I'm using yellow wood glue, so i'll try the wet Q-tip idea. And I lost the broken piece, but I think I can carve a new one, so I thank you for your suggestions, and I'm feeling better about going forward!
  5. Your precision is incredible. I have LOTS to learn, and your work is really inspiring!
  6. I’ve finished the planking. Didn't look too bad at this point, or so I thought! Made the little “false stem” too. But freeing the frames from the frame tops proved a bit more difficult. Broke a frame in the process. At this point, after attaching the side cleats, I took stock of my progress. It's not good! Broken frame, lots of excess glue blobs, strakes that don’t attach to the frames, frayed wood planks, and many other imperfections. At this point, it’s looking really bad... And what I am learning about myself is eye-openin
  7. Whew! I'm sure there will be many more mistakes on which to learn and practice "fixes"! Thanks for the encouragement!
  8. Ok, I've done my best to "fix" the end of the sheer strake. It's not perfect, but I am satisfied with how it turned out and I can go forward now and finish the planking. My hope is that final sanding and paint will cover a multitude of sins!
  9. Help!. My first MAJOR mistake... I broke the Sheer Strake! Right at the bow where the hole for the becket is, I glued the sheer strake too low on the bow, so I tried to remove it. I had used the yellow wood glue, and tried multiple applications of isopropyl alcohol, but when I tried to lift it off the broad strake, it broke. Any ideas on what I need to do to fix this? (Will Model Shipways send me a new piece? Can I use wood filler or putty (neither of which I know how to use)? Looking for advice.. I'm really discouraged... What can I do? You can see that part of the sheer is stil
  10. Hi Bob, I am following your progress closely, as I am just starting my modeling with the Lowell Grand Banks Dory. I continue to go back to your Dory blog to see how its supposed to look! And my plan is to follow in your footsteps to do the Norwegian Sailing Pram and then the Muscongus Bay (which is looking great!). Keep up the great build logs, as I am counting on them for inspiration and guidance!
  11. niwotwill, your ship is amazing! The metalwork alone is stunning, but your miniature work and attention to detail are incredible. I'll be coming back to your build log just to "watch and learn", although my newbie skill level is far below attempting anything like this! (I'm impressed with the rope-making! I may have to try this sometime!)
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