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  1. Hello, this model of a Norman Nef in the Deutsches Museum in Munich was built by Zimmermann after his own reconstruction. https://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Deutsches_Museum_Muenchen/Norman-nef.htm
  2. Hello Steven, interesting project, I like to watch it. By the way, there is a German reconstruction of the Nef Cinque ports. I have them on the shelf. I'm looking forward to your reconstruction.
  3. Here are two contemporary representations of artists who knew the ships. Left: Grand Monarque by Puget Right: Reine by van de Velde
  4. Good find Wayne. Found them here by title. https://www.history.navy.mil/research/publications/publications-by-subject/peculiar-skill.html https://www.history.navy.mil/content/history/nhhc/research/publications/publications-by-subject/sea-stories.html
  5. The book isn't really new. The first edition is from 1985, but difficult to get. I am happy about the new edition, especially about the plan edition because I already have the first edition book. This part goes into the history of individual ships in detail. Such as the sister ship of the Hermione, the La Concorde. I think it's very interesting.
  6. I like your inspiring building reports. I'm curious how you do the oil canning on a dazzle paint ship.
  7. I understand, but it seems that this detail is only shown on the Louis XV model. The model has apparently been restored according to the paint. What I want to say. We do not know whether the model still corresponds to the original appearance. Also, unlike the British, these toilet / roundhouses do not seem to have caught on with the French. Lemineurs Le Saint-Philippe -1693 could serve as a reference here too, I think. Personally, I also find these bunker-like toilets terrible, they also don't seem to fit the style to me.
  8. Hello Marc! The round bunker-like toilet houses on the small deck: I have not yet been able to find on any drawing of French ships of the time. I suspect Heller and the museum model are incorrect here. What do you think about it?
  9. I am also German, but this old language is difficult to read if you haven't studied it in detail. So I looked for a translation of the original. And the travel description was translated into standard German. https://books.google.de/books/about/Von_Konstanz_nach_Jerusalem.html?id=dDOVrgEACAAJ&redir_esc=y Unfortunately I don't have the book, but maybe someone can help.
  10. I think the kit is inspired by the model construction from Casa Reyna. This plan is given as a 1: 150 scale and shows a Spanish ship named Carmen. The real scale of this plan is more like 1/90.
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