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  1. I feel like I just read the last page of a book. She's fantastic. Great work. I'm following along but I started reading the log and have gotten to page 7 so that's the feeling of reading the last page. Looking Great I have the starter kit on order waiting for delivery so I really enjoy your log and read the monograph as I go along. Stay Well and Stay Safe Will
  2. Made some sample rope using the Mara polyester thread and Chucks recipe for sizes and baking. I had to bake at 375 degrees in my toaster oven to get a fixed rope. Many thanks to Chuck Passaro for the Rope Rocket and Serv-O-Matic. I can't recommend them enough they are great tools to have. I made 3 sizes of rope The first used 3 strings of Mara 120 to make .008 rope The second used 3 strings of Mara 70 to make .020 rope The third used 4 strings of Mara 30 to make a .028/9 rope This rope is fan
  3. Its looking good except for those holes in the bottom 🤔 hee hee. What are you building in the backyard? Also back to the leds did you ever find how to dim them? If you still need to work on the lights I found this at a HO railroad shop and they were really great being used as street lights etc. They are micro chips all the way down to a nano size and their web site is www.evandesigns.com Stay well and Stay Safe Will
  4. Completed the wheel assembly, cannon carriages and cannons. I must say that the Syren steering wheel mini-kit is fantastic. I really enjoyed working with this wonderful project all the parts fit perfectly without and modifications except removing the char. The hardest part was turning the spokes but with so many extra I made them all and the last were better than the first. Spent a large amount of time sanding the wheel so the stain would be a consistent color. Finished painting the cannon carriages now only need to radius the axles on one more carriage. Need to make the pinion straps ho
  5. Well I couldn't wait for tomorrow to see if the companionway door was crooked. It was the camera angle and slightly off to the left on the bottom. I removed the door and reattached in the correct orientation. Cameras never lie. 🥵 Again cameras don't lie Stay Well and Stay Safe Will
  6. Thanks everyone for the likes and looking in on my progress. Finished the ships wheel assembly and the basic sanding getting ready for staining. All the worry and trepidation about putting the spokes in the center hub and the outside ring was for naught. Having so many spare spokes I decided to try my 80 year old eyes and hands a go to assemble the wheel. I sort of followed Gahms method but didn't use paper instead I glued the outer ring to the jig with lepage white glue. It's water soluble so it came right off with just a drop of water and 5 minutes waiting. Used a pointed toothpick to h
  7. Your bands look amazing I like you method of halves and soldering them together. I'm anxious to hear about the jewelry bits you ordered. Looking good mate. Stay Well and Stay Safe Will
  8. I wasn't happy with how the companionway looked the planking appeared to big and the stain was mottled in color so I went back and looked at several logs to see how others had made their companionways and decided to make modifications to mine. I didn't like how the roof edges were finished so I took the roof off and made a new roof out of alaskan yellow cedar. The plans call for planking of 1/8" wide but at scale that would be a plank of 8" wide so without changing the side I added a moulding framework around the perimeter as others had done. It visually took away for the wide planks so I was
  9. Andrew what a great catch and recovery. The planking looks great and seeing the results of your efforts tells me to follow you method of planking. Thanks for your tip about not using a straight taper and following the planking pattern instead of the straight taper. It looks really good before sanding. Stay Well and Stay Safe Will
  10. Completed the companionway and binnacle and haven't glued them to the deck. I'm trying to decide to wait until the long guns and steering are complete and rigged. It seems that it makes more sense to have the deck empty while doing the rigging, not sure so i'll wait until the cannons and wheel are done to get a clear picture of how much room there will be left. My kit didn't have the cannons so I bought Chucks cannons and carriages. I got one done ready for painting and tomorrow i'll put the other carriage together. I need to research if breech rings are required or was the breech line around
  11. Looks great I like the natural drooping hang on the foot ropes. The stirrups look fantastic. The wire is a great idea to hold the shape while drying. 👋 Stay Well and Stay Safe Will
  12. Hope all goes as planned and a good as new in a timely fashion. All my best Stay Well and Stay Safe Will
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