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  1. deck coating finished. linden tree was used. the nail effect was given in pencil. I started the stem nails. With 0.5mm brass wire.
  2. The sekond planking is finish. İ used 0,5x6mm pear for sekond planking.
  3. the first stage is over. Marine glue was applied after rough sanding. will be sanded again.
  4. yes, a friend of mine brought the vanguard models kit plan to scale 1:48, put 4.1 posts (Frame) in between.
  5. I have been following the excellent work of friends on this site for a long time. There are really great works, so I learned a lot of new things. I wanted to share one of my work with you. Our model has been revised at 1:48 scale of the plan of the V model. note: what is written here has been translated by google.
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