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  1. I took as an example the excellent work of forum member Dali. It's not perfect, but good enough for me.
  2. deck coating finished. linden tree was used. the nail effect was given in pencil. I started the stem nails. With 0.5mm brass wire.
  3. The sekond planking is finish. İ used 0,5x6mm pear for sekond planking.
  4. the first stage is over. Marine glue was applied after rough sanding. will be sanded again.
  5. yes, a friend of mine brought the vanguard models kit plan to scale 1:48, put 4.1 posts (Frame) in between.
  6. I have been following the excellent work of friends on this site for a long time. There are really great works, so I learned a lot of new things. I wanted to share one of my work with you. Our model has been revised at 1:48 scale of the plan of the V model. note: what is written here has been translated by google.
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