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  1. The gun looks great. Vast improvement over the plain kit build. Good to see you back!
  2. Starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel yet? Haha. Man, that is a milestone achievement. Looking fantastic. Mmm, 1978 Playboy pinball machine. Oh yeah, 12 years old...fond memories. That was the one I made a beeline for. Plus it was a good play (I think?!).
  3. She's looking really good, sir. Coming together very nicely to say the least. You're getting into the home stretch now.
  4. Oh yeah, your dive station looks great. That is a much needed addition to the Control Room. Well done, sir.
  5. I get it. This is penance for acting like a know-it-all about the bilge pump, isn't it? Sorry, refrigeration's my thing so... The bottles at the planesmens feet are oxygen bottles. Back up for when the scrubbers start to get plugged on extended submersions. I would guess sitting on the bottom. The dive planes as well as the rudders are electrically controlled. I'm not sure if the handwheels are mechanically connected to the dive planes. The rudders have the emergency manual control in the aft Electrical/Torpedo room aft of the Port Electrical panel.
  6. Yves-I believe what you are referring to as the refrigeration compressor is actually the Main Bilge Pump. The reefer compressor and condenser are located further outboard of the pump and the associated valves that Trumpeter did not include. Here is a pic according to Don Prince and Mr. Tore.
  7. As to the naval grid system, if you're AR like I am about details, you'll see how the system can pin point a location. Just take a look at my signature line. Yves-I don't recall, were you modeling a specific boat or are you building it as U-552? When I started mine, I picked a number at random then dove into the research. It turned out to have a fairly long career, by U-Boat standards at least. Your build is looking fantastic. I loves me some research. I think I missed my calling.
  8. It takes some searching but you can find 1/48 food. There are a few tin cans and a precious few bags and baskets of fruits and veggies. You could always whip something up with some epoxy putty too. Of course you could always say you are near the end of your patrol 😁. It cost a lot of money to feed a U-Boat crew. Even little plastic ones $$$!
  9. I don't mean to keep beating a dead horse but, after including the forward Port head (which you can hardly see) they didn't include the aft officers head. Mind boggling sometimes. Are you going to load it up with perishables for the galley?
  10. That's looking great. There a lot of that covered up detail on this thing. Like you said, you know it's there. That looks so much better than the kit.
  11. Well done,sir. Glad you're back. When you crack open the kit again and these glaring mistakes hit you in the face, it makes you wonder "why" sometimes. But, such is the challenge of a detail-oriented modeler. Curious to the answer you get over a that "other" forum. Like what you've done with the battery shelves though. Welcome back!
  12. Alright Spaceman Spiff, chop chop now, enough of this space "ship" talk! I need some U-Boat inspiration to get me motivated again. Don't leave us hanging, brother!
  13. Yikes! I assume at $650 for delivery, they fly it first class on JAL and hand deliver it to your door. That is a beautiful model though.
  14. Wow! Looks great! Very unique way to display a model. And using your own artwork really pluses it up. Very well done Yves.
  15. That just looks awesome! Funny how 20/20 hindsight is always crystal clear. I did wonder if that was going to give you issues gluing the halves on separately. In the long run, no one will even know unless you post it on the internet...um...😁. Seriously though, you've done a fantastic job. Can't wait to see it mounted in all its glory. Job well done sir!

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