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  1. 100% worth it. The time saved in painting many parts at once with out the spray can tidal wave of paint, the accuracy, and the smooth coverage are all worth it. I’m an not a good painter but my airbrush makes me look good at times. Also check out lots of posts here and good old YouTube for tips. I’ve also gotten into using oil paints and acrylic washes to good effect (at least I like to think so). I just wish I had paid more attention in art class years ago.
  2. Did some “light” diorama-ing and discovered it is hard to recreate prairie grass in 1:12 scale.
  3. Seems like things went quickly once I stopped mucking around with the hull. All together, I am ok with this build. The steam engine was the most fiddly but also the most interesting. As mentioned above, directions are...lacking. I used this as a learning project and discovered that I can’t make rope coils, suffer from “bad at planking syndrome”, and paint/stain decision paralysis. The torpedo looks nice though.
  4. Took a break to get outside chores done and then messed around painting the hull and generally being unhappy with how it came out. It looks too “plastic” but at some point I think you just have to move on. Did the coal box things like others before me and like how that looks. I just keep coming across small details like trim on the inside of the boat that I missed on the first dozen instruction reads. Can’t say I’m a fan of written out instructions but this seems to be how many kits are done. Isn’t a picture supposedly worth some number of words? Not sure why all pictures are uploa
  5. This is perfect. I love buying new paints and an always wondering, “what’s that paint color/brand” when stalking build logs.
  6. Wondering what brands people use for their primer, paint, etc. I think during build logs, these details would be very helpful to new folks like me.
  7. Planking done! Filler and paint will hide my shame. I seemed to have flubbed the bottom few planks a bit but the remainder look good and all will be well when dressed in black. Also started work on the torpedo.
  8. I sincerely thank the words of encouragement as I continue to struggle. I’m trying to take my time and really understand what I am doing on this one. The bulwarks have pre-notched lines for planking and I’m not sure they help or hurt a novice like myself. Putting a plank on...work on the other sub-assemblies...repeat. I need more clamps...
  9. What color/brand gold is that? Nice mellow but deep color, love it. Great kit.
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