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  1. I’ve joined the broken bulkhead club it seems. Just taking it out of the sprue, I knew that one was trouble. Otherwise coming along nicely.
  2. Thanks folks, it was titebond and smack dab in the middle of a panel. I assume my clumsy fingers must have had some residue when handling. I was able to sand down and re-stain and it worked out great. Thanks to all.
  3. I stained a bulkhead on the picket boat I am building and apparently I must have dabbed some glue smack in the middle that was immediately apparent after applying. Of course the piece is glued in place as well. Just awkwardly sand down the area and re-stain?
  4. Pretty fun build. The canvas is being redone due to a bit of overly aggressive weathering.
  5. I just have flipped two planks over when making the boiler and they take up stain dramatically different than the others. I just read up on debonding glue or I could just use good old brute force. I think I’ll just put it aside for a bit.
  6. 2 planks are starkly different than the others. It doesn’t show up as much in the photo. Otherwise some boiler progress.
  7. Looks fantastic. I’m just starting this build and your pictures are a huge help. What color stain did you use? I really like that shade of grey/blue.
  8. Finished the Conestoga wagon and wanted to get back to something in the water. There are a few other really good builds of this kit but what the hey, let’s add an amateurish version to balance things out. The cats agree this kit is pretty sweet. Started the keel. Clothespins to the rescue.
  9. Follow up: Now that I’ve made a mess of things, could I clean these parts somehow and start again with the techniques above with any hope of success?
  10. Thanks for all the replies. It didn’t even occur to me to dilute the solution. The reaction speed could be an issue as I have a bunch of black grit come off as soon as the parts hit the solution. I had been using 00 steel wool to rough up the surface but doing much of a job on a tiny 5mm bits of brass was challenging to say the least. I will check out the link above as well. Thanks to all.
  11. Having primed and painted photoetch in the past only to have the paint flake off at the merest breath of a scratch, I am trying brass black on this bunch. Needless to say, the results are less than spectacular. My steps: -clean with acetone wearing gloves - dunk in fresh brass black (using birchwood Casey) for a few minutes -rinse in cold water, let dry. The main problem is poor coverage even when I repeat the blackening. The stuff seems to just wipe off and leave black dust all of the place. Some also developed a grayish hue. Any tips? What am I messing
  12. I have found both stynylrez and Vallejo to be just awful when trying to sand no matter how long I’ve let it dry. I’ve ordered some Mr. color primer and thinner and will just improve ventilation to deal with fumes.
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