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  1. Is that the gorilla glue that is just superglue? If so, I’ve used and and did not think it justified the price. Worked like CA glue, nothing special.
  2. Great progress. I too left some nails in and had to use a Dremel grinder bit. BTW, parts F44 and F45 are listed as sapelli but are actually the ramin strips. I had sent occre a question about this. They really do respond quickly.
  3. Thanks. The keel fits nicely thus far - I had been dry fitting it during sanding. I’ll give it another few passes to smooth things out. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Finished first planking later. Not terrible for my first time but a “little” filler was used to smooth things out.
  5. Have you guys found a color/stain you like for B1/2? I tried Varsthane maple (too orange) and now red oak. What do you think?
  6. I love WNW kits and have this one pending. I always enjoy building their engines. There is just something about these old planes. Your build is amazing.
  7. This looks great. I’ve had bad experiences with Italeri kits in the past but this looks like a Tamiya from the pictures. Love these old cars.
  8. To get into the mood for this build, I’m listening to “In the Kingdom of Ice”, about a polar voyage. Holy moly the suffering of those people. Makes you appreciate central heating on a -10 day.
  9. I used good ol’ Tightbond 1. It gives you a little time to move things around but grabs nicely. Easy water clean up unlike CA. I penciled a few planks before laying them down but it just didn’t seem to show up enough to be worth the effort. Maybe next time I’ll use a graphite stick instead of a pencil. Painting - depends on how much I muck up the planking. I’d really like to keep it natural but we shall see.
  10. I am late to the terror party but I figured I’d add my build log to the pile and see what happens. Bulkheads went up easy and the deck was pleasing to build. I penciled in the caulking. The YouTube videos show some sanding after this but it just seemed to smear my pencil around so I aborted this plan. Sprayed with satin urethane. Then set out to label all the parts. One huge difference between ship and plastic models (at least for this one) is the “parts” list seems to be all the parts you need for each sub-assembly and not a straight list of parts in the kit. I seem to go back and forth between that list and the directions constantly. I also seem to have a brown E8 for whatever reason. Thanks I guess?
  11. I asked the google about aliphatic glue because I had no idea what that was. Seems like just carpenters glue?
  12. I just got this kit in today and will be following along with your log. I’d love if you have any tips along the way as this is only my second build.
  13. Were those mini plants part of the kit? They look great. Why do some sand off the laser char? Is it an appearance thing or something else?
  14. Let’s Go. Stanton Moore. Amazing drummer. l’m loving the music history by the way.

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