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  1. The rigging pictures are a wash of red lines I haven’t even started to decipher. For my first major build, I may be in the “finish it and learn” category vs “historical accuracy”. Thanks for the head’s up.
  2. Making the masts and yards is pretty sweet. I started just glueing down both ends but didn’t like how it looked. Apparently I am using something called “common whipping” and it works great to hide the ends. Thanks to animatedknots.com for giving a nice visual.
  3. I really enjoyed building a whaleboat as my first. It let me jump into the lingo and achieve something without too much pressure. YouTube Tom Laurie has an on-going series about whaleboats that is fantastic. What tank kit is that above?
  4. I’ve been stalking the 3D printing forums trying to justify the purchase and space allotment for and printer. Not sure if my spouse will allow the annexation of the powder room adjacent to my cave for setup. The Mars looks pretty nice and will likely drop in price now that Saturn will/is out. Any thoughts on the wash/cure Photon station?
  5. Picking up a new/old thread. Curious what folks like to listen to while building them there ships/boats/etc. I’m a fan of screaming metal for some reason. It just soothes my jangled nerves. Others?
  6. It is odd how quickly the masts are coming together. I’m going with the white yards/masts with a touch of black theme it seems.
  7. I, like others it seems, am having trouble making chain plates out of the brass wire. Making each one even vaguely symmetrical is apparently beyond me and I have ordered some from Billling boats. While awaiting these, I moved onto starting the masts. Thanks to all who did this already as your photos have been incredibly helpful. Using a Dremel or drill as a pseudo lathe has been great.
  8. It certainly doesn’t feel that way from a primary plastic modeler but patience grasshopper, patience, I tell myself. Tonight’s entertainment: rivets!
  9. I agree with other terror builders that the directions have blind spots - that is putting it gently. I can just imagine the layout team - “how about just a bunch of square and rectangular pictures with no numbers....and one picture of us just gently stroking the side of the ship with a brush...brilliant!”
  10. Been a while since covid has allowed any time for creativity. Trying to get back into the swing of things. So glad I went through all the wood stain choices when it all get painted black and white in the end. Oh well. Made a bunch of tiny things tonight:
  11. Is that the gorilla glue that is just superglue? If so, I’ve used and and did not think it justified the price. Worked like CA glue, nothing special.
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