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  1. Hello to all! The build continues.. Have got all the bulkheads glued in place. Appears to be nice and straight.. Test fit of the lower deck.. The lower deck also has a second piece in the stern. I decided to plank this as well, but there is a lasercut notch that I don't quite understand.. Looking at the plan, this notch is not there.. 🤔 When looking further in the instructions there does'nt seem to be a need for this notch.. So I decided to fill it and plank over it.. When dryfitting the sterndeck plywood piece (for lack of a better word) I realized the aftmost bulkhead had come to low by quite a bit. (2-3mm) So, nothing else to do but unstick it and glue it again with a small shim to get it in the correct place. When this was fixed I glued on the lower deck. When this was finished I started beveling the bulkheads, and decided to fill with balsa in the bow. So, a little more shaping of the bulkheads and I think I'm ready to start the first layer of planking. Stay safe! Gaffrig.
  2. Looking great! 👍 That’s a lot of progress in a short time! It might be my eyes seeing wrong, but it looks like you may have got the transom upside down? Don’t mean this as criticism, just something worth checking. Might be easier to redo now than later in the build. Keep up the good work! Gaffrig.
  3. Great looking model! Beautiful work! 👍 Congratulations on finishing it! Gaffrig.
  4. Hello all! Another update as the work on Lynx progresses. When dryfitting bulkheads, I realised all of them are riding a bit low in the keel. I fixed this by glueing a piece of wood in the notch to make the bulkheads ride flush with the top of the keel. Then I started glueing the bulkheads in place. Bulkead number one glued inplace.. Upon dryfitting I also found out that the front end of the lower deck did not fit in the notch of bulkhead number 2. I decided to cut of from the deck. If I had cut of in the bulkhead, there would be little material left for beveling later. A simple fix though. Since this model has several open hatches with ladders going down below, I decided to plank the lower deck, using some leftover materials from the Bluenose deck. This might be a little "over the top", as it will barely be visible, but a good feeling to know it's there! Using a steel ruler to make sure the first plank is straight. I decided to try using PVA glue to glue the deck. I have previously used CA glue for this. It seems PVA is easier to work with, easier to clean up, and does'nt glue my fingers to the deck! I think I'll stick with this method from now on.. Looks a bit messy, but with trimming the edges and some sandpaper... And a couple of coats of oil it looks a lot better! That's it for now! Stay safe! Gaffrig.
  5. Ccoyle, I was looking through the buildlogs and there seems to be a few ongoing builds, but a long time since they have been updated. I’m also curious to how it turns out! 😆 The instructions and plans aren’t the greatest, so I will probably need to study pictures and other references to figure things out. Gaffrig.
  6. Hello all! Here we go again! After finishing Le Renard, I have decided to start the build of Panart's kit of the Lynx. I really like the lines of this ship with it's huge rig and raked masts. I will be continuing my Bluenose build, but have found out that I like to have two (or more?) projects at different stages going at the same time. This will be my first model with double planking, so we'll see how that goes! So here is a few photos of the box and it's contents. The quality of the lasercuts look great, with no burn marks, and no warping. The rest of the materials also look good. There is two sheets with plans printed on both sides and a pamphlet of written instructions. Upon starting to look things through and planning the point of attack, I realised that even though the lasercuts look great, they are not numbered in any way.. There is however a full scale drawing of most of the pieces on the plans, so I cut loose the bulkheads and layed them on the plan to figure out which was which. The drawing (or the lasercuts) seems to be inaccurate as none of the bulkheads fit perfectly on the plan. A little bit of guesswork is needed here.. Bulkhead no. 6 and 7 is very similar, but I think I got it figured out. The keel is in one piece, but the plans and instructions say that it is three pieces that need to be joined together. Maybe they have updated the kit and not the instructions? I decided to cut a rabbet in the keel to take the planking. No mention of this in instructions. This is where I am now, more updates to come as work progress. Stay safe! Gaffrig.
  7. Hello. Ok, no problem. I understand your point. I think I have fixed it now though! Gaffrig.
  8. Hello. I have a feeling this message i directed to (amongst others) me.. I appologize if I have done wrong, an will try to rectify it as soon as possible! In the menu for creating new topic in gallery there was three options. I realise I should have chosen the «create new album» option, but there was nothing there to inform that «loose» images was wrong. Gaffrig.
  9. Hello! Looks like you’re of to a great start!👍 I have just finished this kit and had a great time building it! Gaffrig.
  10. Hello. Thank you all for the kind comments! Rick01, you are right, bilge pumps would absolutely be a great addition. Maybe I’ll have to make a couple and put on there.. 🤔 Gaffrig.
  11. You are correct. When tacking or gybing a schooner like the one in your plan, they had to loosen the downhaul, while someone aloft hauled the topsail over the stay and peak halyard. They had a downhaul on both sides, so once the sail was lifted over, the other downhaul was tightened. hope this claryfies a little! Gaffrig.
  12. Moltinmark, thank you! I think the cannonballs and barrels fit right in! Any privateer with some self respect needs some shots for his cannons! Gaffrig.
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