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  1. Hello. Thank you all for the kind comments! Rick01, you are right, bilge pumps would absolutely be a great addition. Maybe I’ll have to make a couple and put on there.. 🤔 Gaffrig.
  2. You are correct. When tacking or gybing a schooner like the one in your plan, they had to loosen the downhaul, while someone aloft hauled the topsail over the stay and peak halyard. They had a downhaul on both sides, so once the sail was lifted over, the other downhaul was tightened. hope this claryfies a little! Gaffrig.
  3. Moltinmark, thank you! I think the cannonballs and barrels fit right in! Any privateer with some self respect needs some shots for his cannons! Gaffrig.
  4. Hello all. I've finished up the gunport lids, and tied and coiled the rest of the running rigging. The instructions call for what I think is lifebelt boxes on deck. I've decided to drop these as I think it looks a little cluttered on deck with them. Then again it looked a little empty without, so I decided instead to make a rack with two barrels and two cannonball racks. Dryfit of barrel rack. Barrelrack stained and glued in place with barrels lashed down. Dryfit of cannonball racks.. Staine
  5. Hello all! Work continues, the finishline in sight! Got all the sails rigged, and the running rigging finished. (I think!) Got the deckhouses/skylights glued in place. Have also been mounting the gunport lids.. Still a few loose end's to tidy up, but it's getting there! That's it for today's update. Stay safe! Gaffrig.
  6. Tompslattery, that’s great to hear! Glad to be of some help. This makes keeping the buildlog going a lot more fun, knowing that it is useful to others! 😀 Gaffrig.
  7. Thank you for the kind comments and likes! Rick01, yes, I’ll go with just one anchor. I’m sure they had at least two onboard the real thing though. Let’s just say they have the spare one below! 😂 Gaffrig.
  8. Hello all! In between all the rope coiling, I started the cradle that comes with the kit. It seem like there has been a glitch in the lasercutting as the pieces in the kit are missing the two notches for the crosspiece. (see red circles in pictures) I cut out the notches, but then decided to make a different cradle alltogether. I don't like the idea to have the model balancing with the keel in two small notches. So i cut out and glued together a contraption of some wood I had laying around.. G
  9. Rick01, thank you for the tip. I've actually thought about exactly that, that a boomkin of sort would be good. I'll probably go for the same solution. Gaffrig
  10. Hello all! A small update of todays work. Have been working on ropecoils for the most part, and have finished up (I think!) the coils on the pinrail around the mast. I'm using a mix of toothpicks and tweezers to get the coil to hang as I like it and then brushing some dilluted wood glue on it. Seem to work ok, although a little time consuming. The thread supplied is quite "hairy" but it is what I have. It seems worse in the pictures I think. Between coiling I have finished the anchor, and dressed(?) the ring. Or is this called ser
  11. Barkeater, thank you! Rick01, I’m also making a few changes from the instructions, so I’ll probably end up around that number! Gaffrig.
  12. Hello. The work continues.. Have mounted the stern davits, following Rick01's advice and beefed them up to double thickness. This looks a lot better to my eye. Still needs the crosspiece in the back. Had to testfit the dinghy and I think I'm gonna replace the hoist blocks to smaller ones to get the dinghy closer to the davits. I also gave the catheads the same treatment, and beefed them up to double thickness. The first ropecoil inplace.. I see a lot of coiling in my near future!
  13. Hello. Tompslattery, thank you! Another small update, have started with the sails and their running rigging. Started with the squaresails on the yards. These were lashed to the yardarms using thin sewingthread and needle. The yards were then rigged to the mast as per the instructions. The sheets are still missing in this photo. Got the jib in place using the small brass rings supplied. Things are slowly coming together here.. Also started painting the stern ornament/nam
  14. Hello to all. Sorry for the long abscense here. Got a waterleak in the bathroom that ended with a complete rebuild... This has eaten up all my modelling time the past month and a half. Seeing the end of the bathroom fix now, and hopefully some more modelling! Tompslattery, those instructions look even worse than the ones I have. I have the same ones that Moltinmark posted. Have done a little bit in between bathroom work. Have finished the standing rigging. Really enjoy the rig work. Even the ratlines was fun to do! Time to
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